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How can we do with the ZEBRA algorithm?

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The ZEBRA algorithm is real or not? And what part of SEO will be attacked. Let’s analyze it!

After 2 algorithms BEAR (attacked at least content), BIRD (less attacked on the link) I make sure that almost SEOers known how to work fine with them.Nowadays, with the Social SEO (SEO social networks) is increasingly being focused and abuse (especially Google+). So a new ZEBRA algorithm was born by Google and it attack directly to Social SEO. 

The new algorithm will affected directly to webmasters, and Techtiplib not the exception, the visit and % search have been reduced by 50%, so we have carefully analyzed for survival healthy with this new algorithm

Google algorithm zebra 2013

So How can SEOers do with ZEBRA? ZEBRA algorithm will do? ZEBRA will attack on it? Here are some warning from Google about what ZEBRA algorithm will attack on Social SEO (emphasis Google+).

1. Spam comment links to other, Spam on incorrectly Group: If do this, may not wait for the punish from ZEBRA, user can report that your link is a spam link and your comment will be deleted and penalized your Google+ Profile. The spam link to the Group will be automatically blocked. So please stop now or die.

2. Impersonating Google+ account: The impersonation or improper use specific naming Google+ regulations also fined heavily. So let’s do the right name and enough information to your Google+.

3. Sharing too many links on your Google+: If you always share the link your account, you will be warned. So let’s build Google+ content in a flexible manner such as: Share content text, images, links in a flexible manner.

4. Make friends indiscriminate: Have lot of friends is great, but if you run much more the numbers, you kill yourself. Killed in the management of information. Kill more friends in the interaction to increase credibility on Google+. So natural building, as it is where Google+ exchange, friends, co-developed.

5. Social Bookmarking spam abuse: The spam too much on social network is meaningless, and sometimes it kills you. Please stop and focus on the quality of your Social development can be (Google+, Facebook. Twiter, Pinterest). 

6. The hidden quality number: The hidden quality number that Google+ gave for you. If you go to spam, comments thrown link, post bluff group … releases only 1 report (report) or delete the admin, you will be penalized quite strong. STOP or die right now.

So to tame this “HORSE” should targeting a Social Profile and share the link quality in a flexible manner. 

And to kill this “HORSE” should:

1. Build quality one account to Google+ which is for Authorship (piled always offline)

2. Create another Google+ with the highly flexible to flexible operation.

3. Join the community group flexibility, create small communities Google+ group to increase the quality and flexibility of content. 

4. Let’s do now

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