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Keyboard shortcuts for Windows RT

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That omission if using Windows tablet without a keyboard, it’s best to buy to be able to take advantage of all the beauty brought by the operating system. With RT Surface, Microsoft equip it quite adequate to protect both the Touch Cover has a touch screen keyboard.

Here are some shortcuts you can use:

Windows + B (or Windows + D ): Access Desktop
Windows + C: Open bar charms
Windows + E: Open File Explorer
Windows + H: Opens the function bar charm Share
Windows + I: Open Settings on the function bar charm
Windows + K: Open the Devices function on a bar charm
Windows + L: Lock the machine faster, move the lock screen.
Windows + M: Minimizes all open windows on the screen
Windows + P: Activating the external monitor management
Windows + F: Enable search function
Windows + Q: Looking for computer software, can be considered as a simple way to run a certain software
Windows + W: Search ingredients in Settings
Windows + R: Open the Run dialog box
Windows + T: Open Task Manager
Windows + X: Open System Utility Settings menu
Windows + Z: Just slipped to manipulate the screen from the bottom edge up
Windows +.: Zoom in screen on the right side
Windows + Shift +.: Thu small screen on the left side
Windows +: Quick Browse Desktop
Windows + Tab: Open Task Manager Metro UI
Alt + Tab: Application switcher, task manager coal Different look
Ctrl + Tab: Off and Open All Apps
Ctrl + Escape: Toggling between running software and latest software

Also on Store has software called “Windows 8 Cheat Keys” with function shortcuts list, very handy for reference: You can increase the size of text and icons on the display screen to be able to better manipulation: Normally, to enlarge the image, you can zoom with two fingers or clicking Ctrl and + / -. To increase the overall size, then you can do the following:

Windows 8 Cheat Keys

Right click on any space on the desktop to open the menu
Select Personalize -> select to Display in the bottom left
Also in this category may also choose “Change only the text size” -> you can choose to increase the font size of the components, such as: headers, message

Change only the text size

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