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Gadgets come and go all the time, but often there are gadgets that make room in your heart. Today, I’m sharing some gadgets with you that you’ll not only love, but make them a part of your life as well. So without further ado, let’s see which gadgets are soon to become a part of your life.


With astoundingly rapid Snapdragon 600 processor and comparatively plausible price the LG Optimus Pro 4G LTE has wide, clear, bright, and intelligent screen display. Though the big size of G PRO’s and low battery reserve are something that might put off some people. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a stylus, but PRO is equipped with high-end specs and its price in comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note-2 makes it the best AT&T phablet available in the market for gadget lovers.


Why chose Google Search on your android? The answer is simple, because it’s prevailing, fast, convenient, and enormous at understanding natural language queries. Though Google cards now predict what you are trying to search, but you always don’t feel lucky because it isn’t always on the mark. Google Now is not operate-able on other OS’s since it is only compatible with android, Jelly Bean and higher. But with appealing option of text and voice inputs, Google search is the best first choice for your android phone.


If you are looking for a light weight portable PC with features of tablet for your home amusement and productivity, then Dell XPX 18 with 18 inch screen is out in the market just for you. The price is comparatively high if compared with the screen size, setup is cheap. Though it is still in its early days out of all available tablets PC in one hybrid available in market with delicate, classy, and good battery life DELL XPS 18 is best small and handful choice.


With feature like send to kindle and Shelfari integration for android users, Kindle for android is the top choice e-reader app, particularly those who have already invested in the ecosystem of Amazon. Requirement of credit card is a must even for free downloads and it does not allow you to name your bookmarks either. Kindle for android offers a number of extra features like Shelfari integration, visual customization choices, and a built in dictionary and many other extra features. Kindle features can be used as instapaper like tool for saving your desired items around the web.

Noontec Zoro HD Headphones

Audiophiles, if you are interested in high-fidelity sound equipment, Nootec Zoro HD with its reasonable price and extreme sound experience, delivering clear and well-balanced sound will definitely appeal to your needs. Though the build quality is not extra-ordinary, the improved sound quality from original Zoros, the Zoro HD for $100 is not a bad deal for audiophiles. It’s not just stylish but easy, comfortable and convenient to wear, foldable and include a pouch to keep it safe. It comes with inline, which makes it compatible to use it with your cell phone to make calls. Its durability is a concern because of its plastic hinge that can be questioned for its long-term durability.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

A free gaming app for your OS is always an exciting thing, and Robot Unicorn Attack 2 comes this with new features like customization choices, different levels, and challenges. To top off all this, an online community, and all this is for no cost. With its sarcastic sense of humor and ambitious New Wave soundtrack; Robot Unicorn Attack2 is a free game one shouldn’t miss. If you want to hear the vibration during game play you will need to buy Erasure’s “Always’’ because RAUA2 drops vibration feedback.

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