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MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro plugin – The hellobar creator for WordPress

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Hellobar is a way of displaying content and information for the readers attention. This is one way to improve the conversion rate for your website.

Normally to attract attention or to highlight articles, information about a course, information about discount codes, hellobar the better choice compared to the popup display. Hellobar will not waste area on of the website page and not offensive to readers. Those are the reason why you should use Hellobar for your website!

There are many ways to create or display hellobar website. As almost of you known about, the tool that allows you to display hellobar displayed on the website. This is a great tool for designing beautiful and quite simple to use. And of course this is a paid tool, but you can choose the FREE plan with limited of 25 clicks per month. Although the number of clicks is more limited, but I thing it it the best choice if you are not better off economically.

Today I want to introduce you the alternative, that is MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads wordpress plugin!

This is a tool can help you create the website hellobar to increase conversion rates for traffic for your website.

MaxwebsitePress is known as a provider of marketing tools is useful for the community as a tool marketers affiliate such as: Ninja Affiliate – link shortened, MaxwebsitePress Subscribers Magnet subscriber – increasing subscriber rate, Bring MaxwebsitePress My website Visitors Back – increase traffic tools, Max Banner Ads PRO – manage and display advertising banners professional. And on 21st May Tuesday MaxwebsitePress will release the official upgrade tool MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads, display type hellobar with great design.

Some photos of MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads Pro:

MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads Pro

Create and manage Stripe-ad easily with MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads Pro

MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads Pro

To use MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads Pro you have to pay about $ 67 but is in prelaunch stage, you can get this great plugin with discounts up to 30%, and this is the limited promotion so you should keep your chance!!

>>> Access the prelaunch page to get the promotion:

The free version of MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads has limited features and will display with links copyright of MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads. see the picture below:

MaxwebsitePress Stripe Ads FREE

Hope you enjoy!

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