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Neglecting password security a recipe for identity theft

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Identity theft is no joking matter for anyone who regularly uses the internet for his or her personal accounts. People who neglect effective password security measures and other important protections are especially vulnerable to experiencing issues relating to their identity.

Rather than invite malicious individuals to test their various accounts’ protection, consumers can adopt tools like a password manager to ensure they are safely accessing the internet, regardless of location. The solution generates credentials using an advanced algorithm, making it difficult for hackers to gain entry into someone’s email or banking account. All consumers must remember is a master password, which is much more effective than writing down a dozen or more unique phrases or using the same password for each account.

Neglecting password security a recipe for identity theftA study by members of the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden said that teenagers in particular are in danger of becoming identity theft victims by using lax password protections. The report said that many internet users employ far-too-common credentials like “password” or “123456” as safeguards.

“Our results indicate that bad password strategies may be ‘taught away’, or that there would be a point in having good password strategies and online safety taught in primary or secondary school to increase security awareness,” the researchers said.

There were some promising findings, according to the researchers, among young students. Those participating in more technical courses tend to have more advanced passwords, and few students use the same passwords for their social media and email accounts. This development is especially significant, considering that other polls found that three-quarters of internet users employ identical credentials, whereas the Blekinge Institute of Technology reported that its research found this figure has been reduced to only 40 percent of respondents.

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