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Nintendo DSi is Not Just for Kids

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People usually view video games as being just for kids. While in the past video game developers used to target kids and teenagers, this trend is gradually changing. Today, one can find many video games that are specifically meant for adults. You can get games like bowling and tennis or games to even learn something new, like cooking or playing the guitar. As a result, video games are helping to bridge generation gap that exists between kids, teenagers and adults.

There is a surge in the number of games being developed for adults for the Nintendo DSi. Perhaps this is because more adults are buying this gaming console for themselves as well for their kids. There is a universal appeal when it comes to the Nintendo DSi.

Nintendo DSi is Not Just for KidsFeatures of the Nintendo DSi

There is a great demand for smaller, faster and lighter gadgets and the Nintendo DSi holds true to that promise. Compared to the DS Lite, the previous version of the Nintendo, the DSi is about 15 percent, or 4 grams, lighter in weight.

It is equipped with two cameras, both digital. The camera facing the player is a webcam, while the camera on the outside is a normal digital camera that allows people to click photographs like a traditional camera.

The touch screen located at the lower portion of the screen has increased in size and the upper portion, which is the non-touch LCD screen, is as big, about 3.25 inches in size. The console comes equipped with speakers and microphone too.

One of the biggest improvements over its precursors is that the DSi comes with SD card reader. This allows users to store photographs, games and music on the storage card and use the stored items as and when they please. The consol comes with a built-in memory of 16 MB, the speed of the CPU is fast and it also has a flash memory of 256MB. You can also use the Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to the Internet.

All these new and exciting features of the Nintendo DSi make it a great gaming console for adults and kids alike.

Nintendo DSi Games for Adults

People, who love cooking, can go for cooking guide, while those who want to improve their memories can opt for brain games. In fact, these brain games are beneficial for kids as well. You can also use a new game to learn a foreign language or musical instrument. Of course, there are games being developed using older characters that adults may know of, such as the famous Mario and his brother Luigi or even Yoshi. These characters were very popular in the 1980s and 1990s and today they are being made a part of Nintendo DSi games once more, allowing parents, grandparents and kids to play together and spend quality time with one another.

If you have a Nintendo DSi, it is important that you also invest in a R4 card for DSi. This will improve your user experience and allow you to store your favorite games on your Nintendo without having to search through several games to pick the right one. In addition, using the card, you can also convert your gaming console into an MP3 player or device to connect to the Internet without using your computer.

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