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The Exciting Future of Home Printing

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Printing off documents, greetings cards or party invitations at home is something which we have been able to do for some time now. The current low cost of home printers means that they are now present in millions of houses all across the planet.

However, at first glance it maybe isn’t clear to users just how fast moving and exciting this industry is. After all, it isn’t so long ago that even the cheapest computer printers were out of the price range of most of us, as well as being big and bulky beasts. If we think about how far things have moved since, say, the introduction of the Hewlett Packard DeskJet for $1000 in 1988 we start to think about how they could change in the near future.

Greener Than Ever

A lot of the work on home printing technology right now is around ways of making the process more environmentally friendly. Actually, you might be surprised to see how green it currently is anyway. If you use recycled paper or sheets which have come from another sustainable source then this is an excellent way of staying green while you print. For instance, you can also buy recycled toner cartridges from In the future the changes could be even more dramatic. For example, work is being carried out on creating printers which use human effort to pull through the paper, while the printer ink could also be biodegradable in the future and could come from the likes of leftover tea or coffee dregs.  

More Flexible

In the future you can also expect to be able to print off wherever you are. Linking up a mobile device to a small, mobile printer seems like an obvious step. This would mean that you would have an ever greater control of your business and leisure printing than before. There are already mobile printing products in the market but with smartphones and tablets becoming ever more popular it is sure to be an area which develops further in the future.

3D Options

You have presumably heard about 3D printing before now and it is clearly something which is going to cause a huge stir in the near future. Already, we can see ideas for using this technology to print off tools for astronauts up in space, mobile phone handsets, guns and even human organs. This is a field which is ripe for development but at the moment the printers are just too expensive for most of us to have one at home. However, we just need to think back to when laser printers first came out and cost a huge amount of money to see how the cost should fall in the years to come. Once we can all afford to buy one of these devices we can start to customise and print everything we use, from our clothes to the artwork in our house to our cutlery on the kitchen table. At the moment is seems that there are no limits on the possibilities this technology is going to offer us. 

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