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The Rise of Eye-Tracking Technology

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Eye tracking technology is no longer only found in science fiction. As Google glass continues to tease consumers before making its official debut in the market, other companies are beginning to use similar technology. Although it is still early for eye tracking technology, many companies hope it will be a long lasting trend, unlike motion capture technology.

Eye tracking technology, technology that receives information from the eyes, has the potential to be used in a wide variety of places. It can tell a video game consul, smart phone, TV or other video watching device whether the person is distracted and looking away, pausing automatically when they do. Additionally, it can be used to navigate websites and other media. However, more research needs to be done to ensure that the eye tracking follows the eye and understands when it is looking away instead of just blinking. Additionally, any possible adverse medical side effects to the eye are not yet known. Still, the idea of eye tracking technology opens up exciting possibilities in the technology world.

Using the Camera on a Smartphone

Some of the eye tracking technology either already on the market or about to hit it uses the camera on smart phones. The smart phones have special software that allows the smart phone to know when a person’s eyes are on the phone or looks away. Although only a few have this capability at this time, it will not be long before the market will be flooded with them and you can look for deals using comparison shopping engines.

USB Navigation

The other type of technology currently being created and about to hit the market is USB accessible pieces to attach to computers. These will allow users to use eye tracking technology to navigate through their computers. You will be able to read through websites, scrolling down as your eyes move down. Additionally, you can also look through documents and work with your interface using just your eyes.


A few car companies are working to find out how to use this technology to help with driving. Through using eye tracking technology and other video and information, a car can known where a driver is looking and alert him or her if there is any danger ahead. Additionally, it can know whether a driver is getting tired or starts closing his or her eyes. Although this type of technology is still years away from making it into cars on the road, it has the potential to be an exciting advancement in car safety.

Media and Ad Uses

Eye tracking technology has many potential uses across media. Game consuls can use it to know when a player is actively engaged in the game or not, as can video players. Additionally, it can enhance e-reading. Instead of having to slide the pages in an e-reader, you would only have to use your eyes. Additionally, ad space can be enhanced through knowing where users look and how long they remain on a space. 

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