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The Touchscreen Revolution

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Touchscreen tablets have been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years and this does not show any sign of slowing. Market intelligence firm ABI Research predicts that worldwide tablet shipments in 2013 will reach 145 million units. It predicts that growth will be supported by “new market entrants, more affordable choices for consumers, and increased adoption by business audiences.”

For the personal user, touchscreen devices are more accessible than ever. Prices are dropping, competition in the market is increasing, wireless networks are getting faster all the time – and consumers are reaping the benefits offered by tablets and smart phones.

touchscreenAnytime, anywhere  

WiFi hotspots are popping up in cafes, pubs and even public parks, meaning that consumers can check email, use social media, or do their weekly shop whenever it is convenient. Tablets and smart phones are also available with accompanying data packages, which means that consumers need not miss a thing when away from their home broadband.

Staying connected

Accessing the internet on the move also helps consumers to keep in touch with friends and family through social media. A recent study by Experian Marketing Services revealed that in the US, 27% of time spent online is on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

“Understanding consumer behavior across channels is more important than ever as more visits are being made on the move, particularly among social networking and email,” says Bill Tancer, general manager of global research for Experian Marketing Services. “With smart phones and tablets becoming more powerful, our data clearly indicates the difference between mobile and traditional desktop usage further enabling the ’always on’ consumer mentality.”

The next generation

Touchscreen devices are not just for adult consumers – more and more apps and mobile sites are being developed specifically for children. Unlike traditional computers, tablets and smartphones are easy enough even for young babies to use – all that is required is touching a finger to the screen.

Late last year, Nielsen released a report claiming that ‘American families see tablets as playmate, teacher and babysitter’. The report found that children mainly used tablets to play downloaded games, but educational use and keeping children entertained while travelling were also common uses.

Tablet sales continually outperform sales of traditional home computers, and are now also overtaking notebook computers. Consumers are enjoying the convenience and ease-of-use of tablets and smart phones both in and outside the home and are passing this preference on to the next generation of technology users. As more manufacturers invest in development and choice broadens, the tablet market will surely continue its stellar growth.

Author Bio: This blog post was written by Ian Thompson of GSM Arena.

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