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Time to Upgrade? How to Make Money off Your Old Gadgets

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We live in a world filled with incredible technological gadgets. It seems like a new technological innovation is being unveiled with every passing week. Although this surely makes it an incredible time to be alive (as well as an incredible time to possesses the most up-to-date and trendsetting gadgets), this has an endemic problem. When you purchase your new gadgets, what happens to the old one? Do you just let it sit there and collect dust in the closet? Or do you proactively try to find worth in the item from the past.

There are some who decide to keep items for nostalgic purposes. Either that or their antiquated items still have significant use and value. However, most people will discover that selling these items is an excellent way to reap worth in what has very little or no worth intrinsically anymore.

Give to Collectors

There are a number of people in this world who decide to collect old electronics and gadgets. Their motives vary and are as unique as the collector. However, depending on the gadget, you could turn a pretty penny from giving them your old gear. Old video game systems and certain cellular phones are fairly popular with collectors these days. You could use online sites or physical connections in order to find the most appropriate buyer, or even discover if a market exists at all.


There are a number of people who will take your old machines and resell them. They can often resell just about any product so any questions you have about selling an apple device or any other device you own can be generally fielded by them. These folks often offer the best purchase value since they usually resell your device and still make a good profit. 

Scrap Collectors

Sometimes people are only looking to replace an item because they ran the prior version into the ground. There are few resellers or collectors who will buy derelict machines. However, the raw materials can be of use. Some people purchase machines for their precious metals and others for the batteries. Regardless, if your gadget is broken then there’s still a market out there for it.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to a few personal factors: How much money are you looking to earn, do you mind who possesses your old gear, and is it even operational? There is no specific right answer in any of these choices. However, depending on your own situation, any of these can give you the most bang for your buck for your old technology.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that is currently promoting ways to figure out how to sell your Apple products. 

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