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Top five hand held consoles

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Gaming on the go is a big thing in today’s world. Whilst there are benefits to sitting at a computer or playing on a home console, most people want to play on the move. As such, mobile gaming is a big thing.

This, of course, has resulted in plenty of options when it comes to mobile gaming, but which hand held console do you go for? To help answer this, here are five of the top hand held devices you can currently opt for. That said, each has their own merits and games, so you may find yourself drawn to one over the others.

Nintendo 3DS

Arguably one of the best portable consoles available right now, the 3DS is well known just for its sheer functionality. In addition to the wireless options, touch screen controls and dual screen of the DS line, the 3DS offers 3D games without glasses. Combined with a better system than any previous DS, you have a robust console that can offer plenty of gaming potential on the go. It’s also backwards compatible, meaning you can sell your DS and not worry about all your old games. Recommended reading: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Nintendo 3DS.

Sony PS Vita

Whilst it’s not selling as well as it should, the PS Vita actually has a lot going for it. The original PSP was well received and the Vita only adds to that. With touch screen controls, in addition to regular control options, the PS Vita is a portable device that builds upon its predecessor. It’s also got plenty of potential, such as compatibility with the up-coming PS4, helping to extent its gaming potential.

Apple iPhone / iPad

It may not directly be for gaming, but there’s no denying the uses of Apple’s flagship mobile devices. Both the iPhone and iPad offer plenty of games from the app market, offering surprisingly detailed graphics and game-play, considering the size of the screen and control options. Of course, the iPad is open to bigger and more in-depth games courtesy of its bigger screen.

Sony Xperia Play

Like the iPhone, this is both a phone and a gaming platform. The Xperia is Sony’s venture into gaming space on a mobile phone, offering a phone that has controls similar to a PSP for gaming. Yet the Xperia also stands out as a strong entry for Android phones, showing the potential both Sony and Android have against the Apple devices. Android as a whole arguably benefits from a wider, more open market. Yet this also means it doesn’t pass the quality and standard tests of Apple’s market. Yet there’s plenty of choice either way.

Sony PSP

While the PS Vita is the most recent entry, a lot of people still seem to prefer the older versions; both the original PSP and the PSP Go. It might be the additional compatibility with the PS3 (something the Vita may have with the PS4) or the wide range of titles and movies available already. Either way, it’s still something you see being played by today’s gamers.

As a technology blogger on the go, James Pritchard has used more than his share of portable consoles, and played more games than he should. This has, however, given him an insight into the gaming industry, fuelling his passion for writing and sharing knowledge on where you can sell or recycle your DS or turn old gadgets into something new.

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