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When Did Portable Computers Become a Reality?

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Believe it or not, there once was a time when computers could not be found in almost every home. Now computers are everywhere, and everyone is using them. Computers are no longer an adult only tool, kids are now using them to play games, learn about the world around them and communicate with their friends. Computers are everywhere, and they are getting smaller.

Computers Needed Portability

For many young people who are growing up with computers in their hands it can be hard for them to believe that at one time computers were as large as the common household refrigerator. They were these giant machines that needed paper program cards in order to function properly. If you were to show a person from this generation one of these ancient machines, they might think that it was some type of old vending machine where you can grab your favourite snacks, but this was not the case.

When Did Portable Computers Become a Reality?

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Computers Become Mainstream

It did not take very long for computers to become mainstream devices. Pretty soon everyone wanted and needed one. The personal computer started to infiltrate homes all over the world. They were showing up in large numbers, but they were still a little on the large size. That is when the laptop computer started to become a reality. These small portable computers did not exist that long ago. If you are using one right now, then consider yourself lucky because that powerful notebook computer was not something that we had ten or even five short years ago.  Today, there are a good percentage of people who only use portable computers such as   laptops. The idea of being stuck in one place because your computer is tethered to the wall with some wires just sounds both silly and unreasonable. Why in the world would anyone want to do that? It was these very same questions that brought the laptop computer out of the minds of engineers and into the hands or people like me and you.

Where Will Computers Be Ten Years From Now?

Could you imagine how powerful you would be if you had a magical crystal ball that could tell you the future? Things would be great, but this does not exist today. Instead we have to look closely at history because it can teach us about the future. The same could be said of computers.

In the past five years computers have done two things. They have become smaller and they have become more powerful. You can bet that these two trends will continue well into the future. Computers will continue to shrink, and they will continue to become more powerful with every passing day.

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