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Why Android phones are so good for gaming?

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The iPhone and subsequent iPad has always been aimed at the business user and the general public. That is one of the reasons why their use for gaming has always been played down. Apple did not want to create a public image for the iPhone that focused on games; as such an image would scare away business users.

Android phones have always marketed themselves (in most cases) as something that the general public should use and enjoy. That is why they have never been afraid to boast about how good their phones are for gaming. They have never shied away from telling people that their graphics, sound, touch screen interface and processors are great for gaming. The manufacturers have even marketed some phones as if they were hand-held gaming devices (similar to the GameBoy in the late 1990s).

Many Android manufactures have increased the memory capacity and processor power of their devices, so that more sophisticated and popular games can be played on them, such as the GTA series.

Online gaming has always been hindered on the iPhone

Android phones have always had the capacity to play online games, especially online casino games, which Apple have taken a strong stance against. This has meant that certain online games and almost all gambling websites can only be played on an Android or Windows phone. And, since the Windows phones are not as popular as Android phones, people have been drawn towards the Android for online gaming and gambling.

You can gamble online with an Android phone

This is important because you can gamble anywhere on the planet with an Android phone. For example, in America, you cannot gamble online, but you can gamble on an Android phone if it uses 3G or 4G. This has led a lot of people to pick the Android as their number one gaming device for games of chance.

The iPhone had a strange policy about gambling

They have not allowed any gambling apps to be marketed in their app store. This has meant that people had to go to third party developers for online gambling with an iPhone, and since there are few people who are willing to give their card details to third party developers, it has meant that online gambling with an iPhone is almost impossible.

Apple do not like Adobe Flash

For a long time now, people with Adobe Flash on their Androids have been able to play games that require the Flash system. Apple has never allowed Flash to be installed. That is why you cannot watch YouTube movies on an iPhone, you need the YouTube app.

Android devices have always had Adobe Flash, which has meant that lots of games that rely on Flash have had to be played on an Android because the iPhone will not play them. Nowadays, the HTML5 programming has replaced the need for Flash acceptance. In other words, using HTML5 means that people with Androids, Windows, or Apples phones are able to play games that were once based on Flash. Apple has even relaxed their gambling rules, but they have a long way to go if they want to catch up to the Android when it comes to online gaming.

The iPhone cannot claim that it is the best gaming device

One of the reasons that Android can claim to be the best operating system for gaming is because the Apple iOS cannot claim it. This sort of thing happens when one company dominates an industry for a while. Their competitors start to gain ground on the claims that Apple cannot make. For example, very few Android marketers can claim that their device has a better build quality than an iPhone, because a great many of them do not.

The iPhone can make bold claims about how it beats the rest (when it comes to build quality) because they can. But, the fact is that Apple cannot claim that they have the best gaming phone on the market, and it may even scare off their business users if they did. So Android device manufactures feel safer when they create phones that are suitable (optimized) for gaming, because they know that Apple are not going to come along and claim they are better than them (well, better at gaming anyway).

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