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5 FREE online tools for drawing mind maps

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Mind map has been proven to be an effective tool in memorizing or planning lessons for a specific problem. With the free online services below, you will easily draw mind maps, share, and edit them in a flexible way.

1. Coggle

Mindomo - mind maps

You can start work immediately after creating an account Coggle. The branch will be added around the original box with different colors. Drag branches will increase in length or angle desired bend. The treatment process will be saved immediately in real time. Coggle sharing options provide mental map with friends and download as PNG or PDF.

2. Spider Scribe

Spider Scribe - mind maps

This online service allows you to insert text boxes, images, maps and other materials to make your mind maps become more intuitive, more vivid. Create a detailed map so time-consuming than using Coogle, but will bring higher performance impact. Spider Scribe free for personal users with a limited number of features.

3. Dot Dash

Dot Dash - mind maps

With the  style fun of interface, Dot Dash mapping service is completely different mindset. You can create a new branch and marked by different colors. If you want more details, you can also add the image. Dot Dash does not require you to register for an account, so you have to save the map to your computer upon completion.

4. Bubbl

Bubbl - mind maps

A mind maptool is simple but powerful. Bubbl allows for the arrow labeled to distinguish them more clearly. In addition, the order buttons are automatically fill with a color. Free accounts allow you to create and save 3 maps. You can save to your computer and then delete the old maps we create space to get the new maps. Bubbl also help you share files with your friends.

5. Mindomo

Mindomo - mind maps

You can establish the relationship between the levels, change the layout, create records for the map. In terms of multimedia, you also add Youtube videos, comments and photos etc. .. Mindomo be appreciated thanks to the variety of options when you create a new topic.

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