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[Freeware] 5 tools to protect your privacy

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Internet is not a place without risk. It has numerous sites and some of them may affect your privacy. Many websites are selling track shopping habits and even the history of the web browser client. These other sites may install keyloggers or Trojans even. Fortunately, there are many different gadgets help information security. Here are the top 5 tools to help protect the privacy that you can reference.

# 1. R-Wipe & Clean

R-Wipe & Clean is designed to protect your privacy by removing the data generated in the process of using the computer. These data can be collected and exploited. The data include temporary files, Internet Explorer cache, recent document list to be used, and even the Windows pagefile… R-Wipe & Clean will remove unnecessary data which may affect your privacy.

R-Wipe & Clean applications beyond conventional garbage. It can remove different types of data and allows you to select the type of data you wish to remove. Even so you can schedule automatic cleaning programs.

R-Wipe & Clean is the premium app for $ 28.99, but you can use the 15 day free trial of this application.

R-Wipe & Clean

Download R-Wipe & Clean

# 2. File Shredder

File Shredder is a free tool designed to securely erase files on the computer. In addition to the ability to shred files and folders, you can safely delete hidden data on disk space is said to be empty.

File Shredder interface is relatively simple, but it also provides you with years of technical solutions for secure deletion of data such as DoD 5220-22.M or Guttman to 35 times overwritten.

File Shredder

Download File Shredder

# 3. Wise Folder Hider

A free tool designed to conceal the existence of the folder containing your sensitive data. This application is simple, easy to use, and it worked fine. You simply drag files and folders to the Wise Folder Hider interface. After performing this operation, the files and folders that will disappear in the File Explorer window. Wise Application Folder Hider is a password protected, but you can add a password to the file or folder that contains sensitive information. Then, you need to have two passwords in order to access the hidden data.

Wise Folder Hider

Download Wise Folder Hider

# 4. ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy

A free tool to help you surf anonymously. Although many utilities have similar functions. But one thing makes ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy unique.

This application allows you to access blocked sites. This feature is especially useful for users who travel frequently. Many hotels abroad blocking sites like Netflix or Hulu to force their customers to pay a fee-per-view movies. Similarly, there are a number of sites to be blocked when you travel abroad or within the blacklist can not be accessed. ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy that can help you to access blocked content in an efficient manner.

ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy

Download ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy

# 5. KeyScrambler Personal

A free tool designed to fight the loggers. This utility works as a driver and the encryption key is pressed to exit the keylogger monitoring of keystrokes. It will launch when Windows starts and you can enable or disable it using keyboard shortcuts.

KeyScrambler Personal

Download KeyScrambler Personal

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