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[Freeware] Startup Delayer – Speed up Windows boot

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Many Windows users are complaining that their computers are configured pretty but very slow start. Also the reason the operating system capable of running faulty, then the cause is related to the program and system boot (startup programs). When you install a new application on your computer, there are many applications in which activated automatically when the operating system has booted, this feature is often the default option. In this case you can set up access to the “System Configuration Utility” to disable startup applications from the Startup tab. But there are many programs will need to restart your purpose. A convenient and effective way to speed up Windows boot process is the tool to use Startup Delayer

Startup Delayer standard

Startup Delayer is a free desktop application is compatible with computers running Windows operating systems. The main function of the application is delaying the launch of Windows programs to shorten the startup time. First of all, download Startup Delayer here:

Startup Delayer standard

When running the app for the first time, the window “Startup Delayer Startup Behavior” will ask you to select the mode at startup delay Fast Start (Quick Start) to Start Smooth (smooth launch) by dragging slide  as desired. After executing this command and press the Save button, you can see all the applications start with Windows in Applications Startup tab, and by default, the application displays under Normal Startup with detailed information include name, state, company name and provide the path to the folder to install the application. 

Startup Delayer standard

To postpone a certain application, you simply right-click on it and select Selected Delay. Then we can set a time delay Automatic (Delay) or install (Manual Delay) below the Apply button and then the most Delay. Delay time for each application will be set aside, and after the application is delayed it will be transferred from the Normal Startup mode on the Delayed group. To add a program to the Startup, click Add new icon on the toolbar. Thus, once the change is complete, restart your computer to see the significant difference in speed launch. Moreover, you also have the ability to delay the application through the application’s icon from the system tray and Startup Delayer also allows users to stop running processes, including processes that exist in Startup. 

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