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[Giveaway] Start Menu X – The solution for System Menu

Posted In Utilities - By Techtiplib on Saturday, June 29th, 2013 With 7 Comments

This is a replacement of the system menu for professionals. You know how inconvenient and time-consuming it is to launch programs from the system menu, so Start Menu X is the right solution!

Features of Start Menu X: 1). Single-click launch; 2). Assign a primary program to any folder and start it simply by clicking this folder; 3). Change the structure and add tabs; 4). Manage the Virtual Groups; 5). Sort files by name.

Start Menu X

Download FREE Start Menu X for 24 hours

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  • Pablo

    Ok, i tired do do this for getting the download or key.

    First click on the link above.
    Log in on facebook and clik on both pages like.

    Sorry I’m tired and clicked it away.

    • Download FREE Start Menu X For 24 Hours/ GET IT FOR FREE (button)/ login with your FB or you can create an account/ CONTINUE/ Click “LIKE” button/ COMPLETE CHECKOUT/ check your email for the license key and Download your software!

      • Pablo

        I know this but I find it unnecessary to do so much as two times like and approve that they may see your facebook account and have access to your friends list.

      • Hi,

        You should never mind about that, after get license key you can disconnect your FB from their page!

  • Pablo

    Good if you have Windows 8.
    If you this has installed, is there an start menu easy to use this and you can chance the layout.

    • You can use for Windows XP, Vista,…

      • Pablo

        Yes i know. But i will say: this is a good tool if you have windows 8.
        There is after install a startmenu, windows 8 has no startmenu as windows xp, vista, 7 …