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Lock Your PC by Preventing Mouse Cursor Movement with Mouse Lock

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Mouse Lock is a portable application for Windows which aims to protect your PC by locking the mouse cursor at one place and not letting anyone move it in your absence. Mouse Lock locks the mouse with a custom password, dims down the rest of screen… Mouse Lock is that unlike other Windows’ built-in lock feature, it also locks the mouse cursor and making it completely immovable so that nobody can move it around to execute any other task.

Features of Mouse lock: 1). Lock cursor mouse; 2). Can enable mouse trap as second layer of protection; 3). Self-password protection; 4). Can disable Task Manager from executing; 5). Can dim/block background or desktop; 6). Can change the opacity of background dim; 7). Can disallow moving of password-entry window; 8). Can produce logs for users.


Set password - Mouse Lock

Set your password in three times for first install

Transparent setting - Mouse Lock

Set the transparent of screen

Your mouse will be trapped within a password window at center of screen when is locked, you can not move your mouse now!

Lock the screen and mouse - Mouse Lock

Screen is locked, just only type password then Enter or click Unlock button

Download FREE Mouse Lock:


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