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Low Tech Home Security vs. High Tech home Security

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There are many ways of protecting your home these days. If you are a gadget fan it can even be good fun to add in some of the interesting and effective devices which can help keep burglars at bay.

Having said that, there are still lots of homeowners who go for the low tech approach to keeping their family and belongings safe from harm. So which approach will you choose? Let’s look at a few match ups to see which one comes out best each time.  

A Burglar Alarm Smartphone App vs. Leaving the Lights On

One of the classic ways of trying to beat the burglars is by simply leaving the lights on when you go out. This can be relatively effective. We know that 56% of home robberies happen at night time and 43% when no one is home, so leaving the lights on could be a decent way of making it appear as though someone is up and about when either the place is empty or you are all asleep. However, having a good burglar alarm is a far more effective burglar deterrent. Let’s go a step further, in fact, and imagine that you have an ADT home alarm system and a smartphone. You can then get an app for your phone will let you control the alarm while you are out. As well as that, you can also switch the home’s lights on and off wherever you are. This means that instead of just leaving them on all the time you can make it genuinely seem that someone is there switching them on and off again at random times. This is definitely a point for the gadgets over the old way of doing things.

Old Fashion Approach 0 Modern Gadgets 1  

A PC Webcam vs. a Nosey Neighbour

As we have seen, a lot of break ins happen when no one is in the house. An old fashioned way of dealing with this is to ask a neighbour to keep an eye out for you when you go on holiday or otherwise leave the property empty for a long time. This is probably one of the few occasions when having a nosey neighbour is a positive thing. However, they aren’t going to be able to see and hear everything, are they? Having a CCTV camera network is a good idea but is there something simpler and cheaper you can do to get modern security coverage?

Well, one idea is to get a surveillance app like iSentry or iWatchU on your smartphone. These apps are set up to quickly turn your PC or Mac’s webcam into a CCTV system. Some are free and offer rather basic functionality while the ones you need to pay a few pounds for often offer extra features. By protecting your home like this you can get sent a message whenever movement is detected in the line of vision of your computer. Other apps work in a similar idea way instead of using your camera to look out for intruders they use the computer’s microphone to listen for them. In either case, this is a nice, modern addition to your home’s security system and certainly beats having a nosey neighbour poking around.

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A Real Dog vs. an Electronic One

Do you want a big, fierce dog wandering about your home or do you prefer a gadget which detects movements and pretends to be a big, fierce dog? This point probably comes down to whether you prefer real animals or gadgets in your house, although the lower cost of maintenance and the lack of poo on the carpets means that the electronic pooch probably shades it for of us. 

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