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Offshore Usability Engineering with Software Development Company in India

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Software Development for an organization or enterprise engaged in businesses, other than Information Technology, are technically challenging, infrastructure-guzzling and cost-demanding. In the past decade, the offshore and outsourced software development industry, predominantly in India, has provided cost effective, time-bound solutions.

With more than a decade of such service partnership, Software Development Company in India is now positioned to offer higher Usability Engineering. There is heightened understanding and innovation as a vibrant usability community in India moves focus to bringing usability as the end deliverable.

As global clients look at bringing-in usable products, the demands on offshore software Development Companies to provide ‘usability engineering’ has grown.

Building Usability Engineering

The Indian software industry core strength is its locally available product knowledge. The refocus now in offshore Software Development Company in India is in building user knowledge in the products thereby increasing value of the services. However, studies have revealed that most client teams are unaware that usability engineering cannot be a product of development lifecycles.

Historically, Indian engineering concepts are fundamentally strong in design. In the realigned focus on developing usability engineering in their services most Software Development Company offshore providers have acquired expertise in creative design as well as adoption of method and practice.

How has building capacity in Usability Engineering increased Software Development Company in India’s value in the development services chain?

The implications of bringing high value usability engineering into every service and product they provide have been broad-based and intense.

First, the natural disconnect between design of software product and the user interface is resolved through detailed design and development life cycles.

Secondly, offshore Development Company in India will now evaluate ‘usability capability’ prior to evaluation of a project itself. This has led to the inclusion of Usability Engineering Experts who are now accessible to offshore development teams, thereby increasing the value of the product. The end deliverable quality too is now quantifiable with usability engineering incorporation techniques.

Thirdly, as a matter of routine, testing of usability engineering is carried out by software development company offshore service providers to ensure consistency in deliverable. In an attempt to move away from typical end-user dichotomy, because of cultural differences, Software Development Company that handles outsourcing projects now incorporate client-country user characteristics.

The incorporation of sophisticated client-driven characteristics to bring greater value to development lifecycles has been the key distinguishing factor for Software Development Company, India.

Moving up the outsourced software development chain, Indian engineering software developers have pushed the envelope that experts in client countries are unable to replicate.

Why outsourcing software development to India has more benefits than cost-reduction?

Interestingly, the immediate benefit of outsourcing software development processes to Software Development Company in India is the cost factor.

Technically skilled and design proficient software engineers with strong conceptualization have always delivered beyond the price points for overseas clients.

However, beyond the obvious cost-saving benefits, the factors that actually drive increased outsourcing of software development to Software Development Company in India are secure infrastructure and high standards of Quality and Reliability

Outsourcing offers multiple levels of resource utilization, cost management and fast-track adoption of advanced technologies.

Author Bio

Mr. Jimmy Kamboj, is resource person for software development services and technology innovator at Imenso Software.  His emphasis on Usability Engineering has led to adoption of best practices across the industry. Software development industry analysts believe that a typical Software Development Company in India would lower development costs, anywhere from 3 to 5 times, the cost of development in US or European countries.

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