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10 online backup services should use

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The names: Dropbox, MyPC Backup, SugarSync, users known as a symbol of the online backup services, and many other services with outstanding features backup. This article will introduce you to the 10 online backup services most popular for 2013.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is the online storage service is widely used, because it allows backup, data synchronization across multiple computers and mobile devices. Regarding security mechanism, your files will be transmitted using the SSL protocol and AES encryption mechanisms-256. But generous for a free account (free storage up to 18GB), it has the capacity to pay more expensive than other services, and do not support unlimited hosting packages.

dropbox-online-backup2. MyPC Backup

The user interface is designed to be intuitive, easy to use. The files and folders will be important in secure storage clouds by 256 bit encryption technology. In addition, features unlimited storage, allowing users to upload unlimited files, folders, and unlimited storage of files. The exclusion of this service is not set up to allow access to the file.

3. Norton Online Backup

With powerful features such as support for the Versioning feature, specific scheduling for backup, using 128-bit key SSL encryption for transmission online and 256-bit AES encryption on the server, has clouded limited to services that only support 25GB of storage package.

4. SugarSync

Online backup services allow synchronization of files and folders across multiple computers and mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). Users can manage data, edit files through the web interface. SugarSync supports multiple operating systems including Windows versions, Windows Mobile, Mac, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Symbian. However, a limitation of the service is not supported (free) telephone users.

5. IBackup

There are many great features such as support for streaming multimedia data, managing files from web browsers, data sharing, security mechanisms are very good. The biggest disadvantage is the cost of the service pack storage space is very high in comparison with the same kind of service.

6. OpenDrive

In terms of overall online service has many great features such as backup and sync files with right click, create virtual drives, 5GB free storage space … and supports many features of cloud computing . The limitations of OpenDrive is not compatible with mobile phones Blackberry, Windows Mobile.

7. IDrive

The application is user-friendly interface and simple new user, fairly generous with 5GB of free storage to register your account. Features of IDrive Versioning allows restoration of the 30 most recent version of all backup files in your account, the only store for the latest version, version history is stored for free. Drawback of the service is not unlimited hosting package should be much less difficult when a large capacity storage with.

8. PennyBackup

This is online backup services are appreciated for 2 aspects: safe and affordable. With PennyBackup, you can choose the level of encryption AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256, then select the encryption key with 8, 16, 32 characters. The biggest minus of this service is not supported smartphones and tablets.

9. ElephantDrive

Provides excellent way for security of user data, including protection of the backup process. However, the interface needs to be a change to help users navigate better, can see photos in the mail of photos and share them with friends.

10. Carbonite

The strength of the service is quite easy to use and affordable. But Carbonite is still limited, should be improved in the future in order to increase competitiveness. For example, there is no ability to change or stop backup backup middle, a few extra features and options requires manual video files, executable files and files larger than 4GB.

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