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12 Unknown Insider Stories Of Linux

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According to media reports, Linux does not seem to get favored. Apple’s OS X and Microsoft Windows and other operating systems have been the focus of attention, but in fact, although the free and open-source Linux operating system is forgotten, it has been in support of a huge number of daily or unique items, and affecting people’s lives.

Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin claimed that: “You use Linux every day, but you do not know it. Linux has become a basic department of our lives. Linux runs the flight control system, banking systems, and even the nuclear submarine system. Your life, money and death rest in the hands of Linux, so we can let you survive, and also let you go bankrupt, and even kill you. The world without Linux may be different, perhaps, such a world would be overshadowed and dark.”

Here are 12 unknown insider stories of Linux, these examples prove Jim Zemlin’s statement is not an exaggeration, therefore, Linux is an operating system which is often forgotten, but in fact, it has been relying on by people, but people do not realize.

Android phones and tablets
1, Android phones and tablets start from the Linux

Android, the very popular mobile operating system bases on Linux, nowadays, Android devices activated every day is up to tens of thousands units, after all, this is closely related to Linux.

2, Users TiVo is also supported by Linux!

3, Linux supports the vast majority of the world’s supercomputers

4, Linux operating system operates Japanese high-speed rail

In Japan, when each train leaves the station or draws up at a station, there has the support from Linux

5, It supports for high-tech traffic control system

San Francisco has recently started using traffic restriction to manage traffic, and all these controllers have gained support from Linux system.

6, Toyota uses Linux to make cars more popular

Toyota’s “car infotainment” and communication system are equipped with the Linux operating system.

7, Linux helps to milk the cows

DeLaval is a company with 122 years of history of dairy equipment company, which uses the Linux operating system in a set of robotic system to help the robot system milk the cow.

8, Linux supports the New York Stock Exchange

Financial giants often require highly reliable software system. Since the New York Stock Exchange changed the operating system into Linux in 2007, it has been able to reduce costs and increase mobility and flexibility.

9, Linux helps support particle physics research

The world’s largest particle physics laboratory CERN relies on the Linux system to control its huge particle accelerators.

10, Flight control system uses Linux to ensure passengers arrive at their destination safely

11, Nuclear submarines need to be installed the Linux operating system to run.
In 2004, the U.S. arm giant Lockheed Martin submitted a nuclear submarine to the U.S. government, which uses the Linux operating system. 12, Google, Amazon and Facebook and other Internet giants are using Linux to run different networks and cloud services

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