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2 FREE online services to encrypt files on Google Drive

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Google Drive is cloud services, online storage service with many outstanding features. Many users chose Google Drive service as a place to store important documents, sensitive data, such as personal information, purchase contracts, bank account information, credit card… But Google Drive’s terms, when you upload the data stored in the service, which was agreed to use the licensed content for Google. This has made many users feel anxious about their data.

This article introduces you two FREE services for online data encryption, which is Fogpad and Tresorit, these services have different mechanisms work. Cloud services Tresorit allows load some or all of the files from Google Drive to Tresorit encrypted server, based on Windows platform, then take them into Tresorit. With Fogpad, the text file will be prepared online services and encrypted before uploading to Google Drive.

#1. How to use Tresorit

Step 1: Access Tresorit home page: and click “Get 5GB Free For Windows” then download the Tresorit installer (6,33MB).

sign up free tresorit

Step 2: Create and share tresor

Create and share tresor

Learn how to use Tresorit here:

# How to use Fogpad

Step 1: Access Fogpad hompage: then click “Create a secure document” for free button. Fogpad requires you login your Google Drive account then click “Accept” button to finish.

Fogpad-google drive

Step 2: In next page, enter password to encrypt your files then compile your documents. To create a new file encryption by Fogpad, click the “Create” button in Google Drive, and then click Document Fogpad features. Your document will be automatic saved on Google Drive when stop typing. 


This is a full of basic editing tools such as: copy, cut, paste, search, replace, format text, insert tables, pictures, special characters, inserting links, quotes, paragraph formatting. You can apply 15 formats, 10 text format, including level 6 header format for text being edited.

Step 3: You can not preview this document by clicking on the file in Google Drive. To open this file, select Open Features> Fogpad then enter the new password can be opened in the editor’s Fogpad.

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