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Common Pitfalls in Business Mobile Applications Development to be Avoided

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Since mobile applications have become a vital tool in the growth and development of any business today, this article takes a look at the common mistakes people make in application development. It identifies and highlights the mistakes along with giving practical solutions for them.

Business Mobile app development is a trending commercial strategy today. Most entrepreneurs have chosen to go this way because it promises great returns on small prices. Obviously, this has led to a situation where in too many apps have started flooding the markets.

Having said this, it becomes imminent to focus on creating business apps which can stand apart from the rest. I can totally understand the feeling of trying to set up something new, trying to start over with a fresh appeal. In order to ensure that all goes well, one has to ensure that he avoids some of the most dangerous mistakes in the mobile market.

Although a lot of people like to make their app extremely personal, in the belief that it lends them a personality, one tends to overdo certain things which ultimately lead to a really harsh response from the general audiences. Please understand that sometimes, the app moderators from the app store are weary of approving apps because there is a high chance of malware around. This is why simply creating apps isn’t enough. One has to ensure that the app fulfills all the parameters.

1. Too many cooks spoil the broth

We’ve heard it, but when it comes to implementing, we shy. Don’t do that. Many a times developers are very enthusiastic about their app building project and therefore attempt to pack it with just about any feature they can think of. But this really has a terrible effect on the user.

I mean, think of it from the user’s perspective. Would you like to use an app which is overly complicated with too many actions and features? My bet is not. This is because we like simplicity. In fact the whole purpose of using an application is to ensure the usability and ease of access.

There are too many complications in life. Do your users a favor and don’t confuse them any more than they already are. Make an app with limited features. That way, both you and your users will be able to get a hang of it, without feeling suicidal while using it.

2. An inappropriate look

Looks matter and people in the creative industry know it better than anyone else. This is because how your app looks is the first thing that is going to attract or repel people from your site. See, the functionality must be great, but what if the app looks horrendous?

How many people do you think really know about what the app is really capable of unless they use it. But in order to use it they must first download it. In order to download it they must like it. Now, how can you make your app likeable? By making it likable and better so.

Ignoring these aspects is not a wise decision. However just to make the app pretty, if you pick up any sort of colors or animations; it would just do an adverse job. Map your user base and identify the needs of that particular community. Now create a design that appeals to this user base.

3. Only testing on Simulators

Believe me; you don’t want to do this. Testing is a very important phase in application development. However, doing it wrong can be a really expensive mistake. Simulators are generators. They aren’t the real thing. It has happened to me in the earlier days and I am warning you to learn from my mistakes. Do not test your apps on a simulator and think, “wow, it works”.

You must use it on the real device. Trust me there is a world of difference when it comes with the device. See, it may work, but how it works might not turn out to be favorable. This is why when you see the product on the actual device, you can understand the pitfalls and then see the kind of changes that you can incorporate in it.

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