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Effective information on keeping Android phone safe

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Android phones are the latest in trend. Initially the phones were very expensive that only a few people could afford them. But over time the manufacturers of such phones have launched a wide selection of inexpensive models that people with even moderate income can afford to have one.

Such phones are available in different handy models with innovative functionalities. At the same time, these phones have serious safety and security issues that the users need to deal with. However, that can be easily handled and kept secured with a little bit of love, care and common sense from the end-users. Here are some effective tips on keeping android phones safe.

  1. Install antivirus software – Your android is nothing but a little computer with almost all utilities that a computer has. On the other hand, it has all the weaknesses and limitations that your computer has. So as the basic precaution, you must install antivirus software on your phone.
  2. Be careful about apps – As you know, you can download and install a variety of apps on your Android. However, all of them are not safe and phone-friendly. Moreover, some of them can cause harm to the phone. Thus, you should be much careful about what apps you will install and what not on your smartphone. The same applies to your tablet.
  3. Avoid replying to texts from unknown numbers – Deleting text messages from any unfamiliar numbers would be the best choice in order to avoid entry of malware. If you get messages like “your android is virus infected”, just instantly delete them as these are fake messages. By clicking and downloading such messages, you will actually infect your phone.
  4. Download apps from right sources – If you’re interested in downloading and installing apps, make sure you do it from the right developer. Pirated apps are often available in the off-road markets. They are also available in Google Play app store. Such pirated versions of popular games are offered for free or at nominal cost, but they often lead to malware attack. Therefore, you should only download legitimate version of apps that won’t harbor any sort of virus infections to your phone.
  5. Update software – You must update your phone’s software regularly. By doing so, you can avoid security vulnerabilities. To check the update, go to the phone’s settings, then system updates and finally firmware update. Updates are varied out usually over-the-air, so first you hook up to the mobile network of your phone or Wi Fi prior to starting the updating process.
  6. Be wise about cloud storage – By storing in the ‘cloud’ you can significantly save memory space on the phone. Nevertheless, you need to be wise about it. You don’t need something with a number of features. Just make sure you choose one with highest security and a way to restrict file-sharing.
  7. Avoid doing business on phone – Don’t use the phone for any financial transaction. It is very likely that your credit card data will be traveled over the air and thus you must not compromise with this. It may be easy for you to use the phone for pecuniary deals, but you must be safe than be sorry, especially when your credit card information or bank detail is considered.

These are just a few of many tips following which you can keep your android phone safe.

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