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Free Android Games for Fun and Learning

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Seems like kids are born tech-savvy these days, be it toddlers or 2 year olds. Kids are most often seen engrossed into their parents smart phones and with all that learning and practice ultimately it is an 8 year old pulling a heroic stunt by guiding you out from your techno labyrinth.

Knowing that the initial years are rudimentary for a child’s ability to learn, now a whole new market caters to them with a variety of fun and learn games and apps.

Let’s look into the top 5 best games which we think can accelerate a child’s learning process:

1. Kids shape and colors:

Kids shape and colors

As the name of the game suggests, Kids shape and colors assist the child to develop the understanding of basic shape and identifying colors. This exercise helps greatly in pattern recognition and color identification. A great deal of creativity is sparked up through this app. Watch out if your child is scoring high on this game, you may want to prep them up for art school! 

 2. Farm Animals Fun Preschool learning:

Farm Animals Fun Preschool learning

Exploring the animal kingdom by their sound recognition and pictures? Could there be a more fun way of learning when cute animated cartoon animals spring up your child’s screen? Not only do this way your child is well acquainted with the animal kingdom, but the entire process is so much enjoyable for them! They get to touch the animal, hear them out all the while playing and learn their names too! Don’t you wish your learning was as fun as your child’s!

3. Pre-school Train Fun Learning

Pre-school Train Fun Learning

Ok this game has it all! Be it counting, finding different colors and shapes or learning animal names and sounds, and how does your child learn it all? By sitting in the train yard having a ride, playing with colors and listening to music! The idea is ingenious!

The reason why kids love this app so much is because mostly kids love trains and they can interact with the engine, playing around, blowing whistles and ring the bell. That’s a lot of activity and a lot of infused learning. This app is a must have!

4. ABC spell – fun way to learn:

ABC spell

And this one is to build the linguistic skills of your child. Teach them the basic alphabets, simple words and even personalize new words you want them to remember.

Not only is the game fun, super addictive but the learning results are doubled as the entire experience is highly entertaining.

Kids assimilate new words into their dictionary like a sponge through this app, Within no time your child would be quoting Shakespeare and putting all your literature learning from high school to shame.

5. Kids numbers:

Kids numbers

Having your patience tested while teaching your child basic math has been eternal. But now you may find that a breeze by introducing this new tool. Kids Numbers helps your child get affiliated with digits without you losing your mind and them being vulnerable to your frustration, finally a math tool that does all the hard work. Bless the people who invented this app!

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