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FREE download: Portable Concise Oxford Dictionary 11th Edition

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This edition contains a greatly increased number of boxed usage notes, offering help with tricky questions in English. There is also a hundred stories of special words that tell the story of some of the most interesting words in the language.

Appendices provide useful tables of factual information, a discussion of the language used in electronic communications, an explanation of the different levels of English and a guide to good English

Modern dictionaries are written and revised with searchable databases with millions of words of English.

The authors of the new uses concise large amounts of data than ever, like hundreds of millions of words of the Oxford English Corpus. This new edition includes a description of the language that is accurate, timely and objective as possible, using the resources that the editors of the first edition could only dream.

Portable Concise Oxford Dictionary

Download FREE Portable Concise Oxford Dictionary 11th Edition



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