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Getting the Most out of Windows XP Laptops

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Since the launch of Windows XP in 2006, the operating system has been used by millions of homes and businesses as the foundation for their PC and laptop. Although new models featuring XP are hard to come by, the system has remained one of the most popular in Windows’ history.

Whether you’re a devotee to XP or are simply looking for a strong operating system at a competitive price, the key with XP is getting the most out of it, and to this end, there are a number of tips;

Make Your Folders Stand Out

As many users have found, it’s relatively easy to stare at all of your hard drive files and wonder “what’s that and what does it do?” These questions are often asked of folders you don’t use all the time or never need but are crucial to the inner working of your laptop. To save time, and to ensure you don’t spend your time clicking on hardware you can’t use, it’s relatively easy to make the folders you do use stand out. By simply accessing the Folder Options control panel, you can change the colour, brightness or even the icon picture of the files you want to stand out from the crowd.

Organise Your Applications

Similarly to your folders, there are certain applications you’ll use again and again, and could spend valuable time searching for. However by adding shortcuts of your oft-used applications to your desktop, the time you waste could be time spent on more valuable tasks.


If you want to put your own stamp on your XP laptop the key is to customise the theme. Although there are only two available themes (in theory), it’s only a small task to add more. Simply go to the Start menu to adjust the display which is hidden inside the settings control panel.

Take Away the Text

By removing the text from your icons, you can streamline your desktop for a clearer and less cluttered appearance.

Display Your Shortcuts

One of the biggest problems with shortcuts is that they’re often not short. In fact, they’re often hidden inside other folders or on a pop-up menu. However, by pressing ALT once, you’ll be able to see which shortcuts are hidden and bring them out to a place where they can actually be useful

Family Safety

Online safety is a buzzword at the moment, and with good reason. However, there’s no reason why, with a little pre-proofing on your part, that the kids can’t enjoy the benefits of XP just as you do. By opening a separate account for your children (open the user accounts panel, create a new account and add some security by selecting “Limited” for the account type) you can ensure that they not only see or access what you’ve already sanctioned but also that they don’t mess with your important documents.

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