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How to insert Exchage rate to your WordPress

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If you own a travel website, I believe that it would be easy to get more the reader’s sympathy if your website has the function of currency exchange rates! Each traveler when taking a tour to anywhere are interested in exchange of money, it is essential to be able to travel, activities and shopping there. 

So I recommend you following my guide below and choose the suitable code to create a free currency exchange widget right on your site.

Firstly, access this site:

Then you will see three kind of Widget that are showed in your site, as:

1. Exchange Rate Ticker

2. Currency Converter – With Your Own Logo

3. Mini Currency Converter

With Exchange Rate Ticker: It will show your currency exchange rates like a scroll-line, you just:

exchange rate-line– Set your currency at “Ticker Currency” place.

– Copy the code and add where you want to show

– Done!

With Currency Converter – With Your Own Logo: This code will allow you add your logo to the widget.

– Prepare your logo at size: 240px:56px, then upload to your website.

– Copy the link of your logo then paste to “Your Logo URL” place.

– Set your currency at “Currency To

– Other you should not change or changing preferences.

– Copy the code and place to where you want to show

– Done!

Currency Converter - With Your Own Logo

With Mini Currency Converter: This widget more simple than the second.

– Choose your currency that you want to be a target in the results

– Copy the code and place to your site, where you want to show.

– Done!

Mini Currency Converter

I hope the codes above will help you with issue of showing exchange rate on WordPress.

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