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Newest Handset Options Stacked with Android Functionality

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Changing technology is fast calling for a well adapted Smartphone sufficing myriad user requirements. With the mobile platforms fast evolving, Android sets have flocked the market, owing to the tremendous outreach and the plethora of applications on offer. The ever changing options and upgrades have made the users stall their purchases, expectantly looking for something to drive them off their feet. Upcoming options can be quite unrelenting for the customers with varying costs and technical attributes attached. According to the latest technological summit across the globe, some of the most prolific handsets which are packed with features are on their way and looking to make their entry in the upcoming months.

Resisting the urge to buy a new handset can be worth the wait with some of the most advanced options coming around. These include:

Samsung Galaxy ‘Note 3’

With S4 making its presence felt across the globe, the Note series is expected to come up the international charts beefed up with high end features and applications. The deemed features include:

  • Presumptions have been voiced with the introduction of the Qualcomm Snapdragon of the 800 series which would be making the device reach unreal speeds.
  • Some of the internationally launched variants are expected to include the Exynos chip using the octa-core technology.
  • The display is presumed to include the 1080p along with the all important AMOLED panels combining technology with magnificence. The larger size will not be a hindrance as the resolution is expected to silence the big screen critics.
  •  Camera specifications are also believed to have improved with an expected 13MP sensor along. This coupled with the perfect zooming feature would not sacrifice on the clarity quotient.

Detailed demonstration is expected to initiate September onwards.

Moto X

Previously known for its efficient hardware and an excellent radio console, the software upgrade is assumed to be the latest feather in the cap. With a collaborating venture with Google, this device is expected to include high end applications and technological improvements within after being dormant for years.

  • Sensor upgrades coupled with accelerometers and gyroscope functioning are the expected high points.
  •  Anomalies associated with battery life and the durability is expected to be addressed.

The feature packed device is expected to hit the global shores by the end of the fall making it one of the 5 upcoming Android phones that are worth waiting for.

Sony i1

Putting an expected end to the Xperia craze, the newest inclusion form Sony is expected to involve the following features within:

  • The snapdragon 800 processor along with a 5-inch effective display.
  •  The 20mp camera is also believed to have included the innovative camera sensor pertaining to higher resolution.
  •  The 3300mAh battery is expected to work wonders with the device which somewhere lost its usability with other bigger names around.

With the mid fall release of the ‘Honami’ this device would be intuitively priced and is expected to start the reign of a highly renowned brand in the cell phone arena.


With the HTC One strangling the growth of the S4, this futuristic set would look to make the best use of the technology incorporated by the Note series.

  • The display is expected to be around the 6 inch mark.
  •  The 2 GB RAM is expected to boost the associated swiftness.
  •  Emphasis on the sound system has made the manufactures present the all new Boomsound speakers along with an ultrapixel camera making the wait highly worthwhile.

The next ‘Nexus’

With LG pulling out of the collaboration, this flagship of Google is expected to make amends with the introduction of a newer device. With the designs still under the wraps, the latest version of android is deemed to be included along with better specifications than the Nexus 4. The OEM interface is expected to be discontinued with newer hardware inclusion. With the mid fall release around the corner this device is expected to win the much hyped Smartphone race hands down.


With the corporate giants fighting it out, the arena looks encouraging for the buyers and keeping an eye on the release dates and the savings can land them up with a highly usable handset with the built-in android platform.

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