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Six Apps to Help you use Pinterest On the Go

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Pinterest isn’t just another run of the mill social networking website. It’s an entirely new way to communicate with people. Instead of writing about your day, you use pictures to describe yourself. It’s a nice little way to interact with those around you from an entirely different platform.

And the best part about it is you can now use Pinterest on the go. These are six apps to help you use this social networking website whilst on the move.



Browsing for and uploading pictures uses a lot more data than browsing Facebook. To minimize those nasty data charges, download this app. It minimizes the amount of data you transfer whilst surfing the web by streamlining the process. It also allows offline browsing and has a handy scheduling system for posting new pins.


PinReach is a portable marketing application. It informs you of trends on the website and how well you’re conforming to these trends. Businesses taking advantage of PinReach consider this a highly valuable app.

It uses something called the ‘Klout’ score. The higher the score the more influence, in theory, you’re having over people. It updates in real-time so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.


Keep updated on how well your account is doing in the community. PinPuff calculates how much traffic your pictures are generating. It also comes with a dollar score for calculating the potential monetary value of your account.

Don’t rely on the monetary value for cashing in. The market varies widely and there’s no telling how much you are or aren’t earning through bringing in traffic to your website.


If you’re constantly out and about, the options provided by the standard Pinterest app might not cut it. Snapito offers a range of options for pinning screenshots to your account. This includes a Pinterest Bookmarklet which allows you to archive favorite images for the future.


Pinning things from your phone leaves you with a whole folder of images you might want to use in the future. If you lose your phone or it gets wiped for some reason you will lose all these images. Pin4Ever is an app which backs everything up online. It utilizes a simple registration process and gives you your own account which you can use from any mobile device.


Spinpicks is a relatively new app which recently came out of beta mode. It provides an option to quickly search through thousands of pins. It also includes pictures from other services like Instagram. This diversion from the traditional Pinterest experience makes browsing through content easier.

If you’re waning creatively, this is the app for you. There’s a repin button where you can take any of these pictures and pin it on your own account. Find new people to follow and new things to be inspired by.

These are just some of the best apps for using Pinterest on the go. You’ll find lots of other apps exclusive to devices like the iPhone, Android, and iPad from the Apple and Google Play stores.

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