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Six obsolete smartphones design and functionality

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Since the emergence of smartphone, mobile phone manufacturers have constantly tried to get people interested in the so-called new technology and new features, in order to ensure the phone update frequency and gain more profits. However, as time goes by, we have seen some functions which look cool or very different at that time, ultimately did not get user acceptance and tragically obsolete by the market. The most famous example: Microsoft Kin series phones were forced to stop production eight weeks after its sale in the market. Here, let’s take a look at these obsolete smartphones design and functionality.

1. Small screen smartphones

small screen smartphones-thumb

It seems to be exactly the opposite with the current trend, in a period of time, some manufacturers tried to promote small-screen smartphones because they are small and portable. For example, HP has ever launched a Veer 4G smartphone with Web OS and a 2.6-inch touch screen, it is a very challenging operation even making a phone call, so it’s quickly out of the market.

2. Dual-screen design

dual-screen design-thumb

In 2010-2011, some manufacturers idea was that people may need more than just a big screen, but a few. Therefore, dual-screen phones such as the Kyocera Echo appeared, just like a book, you get two screens. And it turns out, this design is not really pleasing, because many times it only works properly in full-screen mode, but you need to bear bigger frame and reading experience disturbed by the screen hinge.

3. 3D technology

3D technology-thumb

The “naked eye 3D” phone and “3D camera phone” have been attented a lot in a period. Such as the HTC EVO 3D and LG Thrill 4G, which allows you to watch naked eye 3D images directly on the phone and record 3D pictures. But the reality is that no one wants to use them, the dizzying naked eye 3D technology is totally unsuitable for the phone screen.

As it’s thought that manufacturers have learned a lesson, then appeared the Amazon 3D smartphone rumors, if Amazon is really prepared to take this risk, we recommend that it is at least able to achieve ultra-cheap price, perhaps there will be users willing to buy it.

4. Facebook phone

Facebook phone-thumb

An old adage says, if you do not succeed at first, do not give up and continue to try, try again. But sometimes, more sensible choice is to stop trying. For example, HTC and Facebook have been working together too many times, trying to produce a kind of “revolutionary” social phone, such as HTC chacha, HTC Salsa, of course, the most recent HTC First. Although HTC First is equipped with new Facebook home screen interface, what’s the result? The device contract price has dropped to 99 cents.

5. Phone coming with stent design

phone coming with stent design-thumb

A sad fact is that the phone coming stent design has never been popular. This design was common in HTC’s phones, such as EVO 4G and other models. Because this design will not become a key factor that users buy mobile phones, it gradually disappeared from the market.

6. WiMax technology

WiMax technology-thumb

WiMax is actually U.S. carriers Sprint’s mainly 4G technology, simultaneous released models include HTC EVO 4G. However, LTE is clearly the global 4G standard, so WiMax is defeated in the standard battle.

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