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SQL Injection: Are You at Risk?

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A SQL Injection is a hacker method to trick a SQL database into downloading or releasing information to another user or system. SQL Injection is considered one of the top ten security threats by the Open Web Application Security Project, which states that there are almost 100 SQL Injection attempts on databases throughout the Internet every hour.

Code Injection

Code injection is a term used to describe when an individual enters a code into a computer program to change how the program is executed. A code injection can be extremely harmful, such as when it commands computer worms to propagate within a system.

A SQL code injection is when a SQL code, often a String SQLQuery, is entered in order to encourage a database to dump its information into another server, provide usernames and passwords or other private data. Depending on the intent of the user and the vulnerability of the database, the damage caused by this type of attack can be quite severe.

SQLVulnerable Systems

While online databases are most often the victims of code injection attacks, any online or offline SQL database is at risk from hackers using this method. This type of hacking method is used to take advantage of a vulnerability that may exist due to incorrect filters or inputs not executed properly.

Request forms, feedback forms, shopping carts, dynamic content pages, internal search pages, and logins are many of the types of web pages that can be vulnerable to a SQL injection.

Classes of SQL Injection

There are five different sub-classes considered to be SQL Injection attacks. These sub classes are organized based on how the hacker organizes its attacks. Some methods of deployment include:

  • Inference SQL injection
  • Interacting with SQL injection
  • Injection + DNS hijacking
  • Injection + DDOS attacks

Detection of Attack

One problem with a SQL Injection attack is that it isn’t discovered until after the hacker has completed his intended goal. Even an attack that isn’t 100% successful may reveal secure information to the attacker. Some of the best hackers may enter your system, obtain the information they want, and leave without ever being discovered.

This can mean that your system may have been hacked and private information about your business or your clients was stolen, but you never knew you had a problem. This is why you need to make sure that you security procedures in place to defend your website and detect potential vulnerabilities before hackers take advantage of them.

There are ways to prevent SQL injection, such as tightening code and security procedures when outside users access the database from the Internet. Technology moves faster than security systems can cope, and it is important to have a proactive policy when it comes to monitoring and protecting data on a website. If your system is hacked your clients may lose faith in your ability to protect their data and may turn to another business for their product or service needs. Spending money on a coding and security software now can save your company time and money later.

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Fergal Glynn is the Director of Product Marketing at Veracode, an award-winning application security company specializing in secure software supply chain and other security breaches with effective risk assessment tools like SQL injection,, and web application security testing. 

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