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The Top Three Train Games for Apple Devices

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If you love trains, and we are betting that you do, then you are going to love us too, because we have concocted a list of top train games that you can download today, straight to your iOS mobile device. So let’s chug on down the track and make a stop at three top train games for the Apple users.

First Stop. This one is for all you parents out there, so pay close attention. Build a Train is a great game that even a two year old can play. Free add-ons really cater to this youngest generation of gamers. The bell and train whistle are great distractions and the easy touch controls allow children to get creative when building their trains. There are different engine and car styles/designs which smaller children will enjoy; creating different combinations in their custom builds. But, what is so much better about this game is that parents can even kick back and enjoy this game while the little one is taking a power nap, providing they have any energy left. Created by Playtend Apps LLP, and at $2.99 on iTunes, it’s an inexpensive way for parents to creatively entertain their most precious “cargo” on even the most boring road trip.


Second Stop. This one is for the puzzle lovers as there are trainloads of them in this game. Your mission in Train Legend is to collect the King’s treasure. What is that treasure? Is it gold? Silver? Jewels? Heck no, it’s way more valuable than that. You are hunting for train parts. Solve different puzzles to obtain the King’s treasure. Match train colors to station colors as you unlock literally millions of unique and diverse puzzle combinations and collectibles. The effortless swipe controls, incredible graphic qualities, and the limitless puzzle generator offer train gamers a fantastic gaming experience. Players should note that while the game boasts a free price tag, the in-game costs can rack up as you can wind up purchasing quite a few add-ons in order to experience everything the game has to offer. Still though, it is a great puzzler of a train game and it easily makes it onto our list of games for mobile iDevices.


Third Stop. Not your ordinary word game, Train of Thought, by SGN, is a fun way to exercise those vocabulary skills. Got a big test coming up? Maybe it’s a writing skills test or the SAT? Have fun stretching those vocabulary muscles as your little train makes its way across the continental US, stopping at cities along the way. Each stop increases in difficulty as the syllable combinations are used to create words infrequently used in common conversation and writing. Upgrade your language skills by using this great train game on your Apple device for absolutely nothing. That’s right; it’s free at the iTunes store.

Whether you are trying to entertain your toddler, yourself, or the college entrance board, we have the game for you right here on our list of top train games for iOS Mobile. Have a better suggestion? Let us know what your favorite iTrain game is in the comment section below.


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