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Top 4 most popular Network Switches

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Playing a crucial role within a network, switches can handle different levels of traffic as they’re distributed between computers in a LAN, and can work with routers to ensure that individual devices are receiving the right amount of bandwidth. Out of the box switches can simply be plugged into a network and jacked into computers to create a consistent connection, while managed switches can enable network admins to set up security and other advanced features. 

With these factors in mind, what are some of the most popular network switches currently available? These include devices from leading brands like Netgear and Cisco, and involve both entry level switches that can be connected to a home and small business LAN, and more advanced, premium switches that can enable detailed management. What, then, are some of the benefits of these switches?

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1 – Netgear FS605

This 5 port Ethernet switch is ideal for use in home networks, and is relatively compact and cost effective, while still being powerful. The FS605 includes features like automatic speed control, as well as auto uplink features that enable a network to be run consistently. Other features include auto negotiation, which can ensure that connected hardware can receive an optimum amount of traffic when the switch is switched on.

2 – Cisco SF100D-08-UK

The advantage of Cisco switches is that they cover a wide range of different network applications. The SF100D-08-UK is another switch that can be run out of the box, and can be a good idea for small businesses that can’t always support a full support system. The 100 Series from Cisco is particularly effective at enabling wire-speed connectivity, and has a low energy consumption that makes it practical for environmental compliance. This switch can also handle a download capacity of 1.6 Gbps, and supports Layer 2 switching.

3 – Cisco SG200-08

A more powerful network switch, the SG200-08 is more practical for building a larger business network than the 100 series, and supports a larger number of ports. Extra networking features include Power over Ethernet with IPv6 support, and the ability to run browser based configurations. The high bandwidth that this switch offers can be combined with port security and power conserving features, which can detect how much power is needed for the length of Ethernet cable being used.

4 – Netgear FS108P

With 8 ports, the Netgear FS108P is a good switch for handling smaller business networks, and uses 4 main ports and Power Over Ethernet. Port switching is also designed with this switch to be able to reduce the amount of load on a network, while the device can be run automatically to detect what the right speed should be for multiple devices. The switch is also compliant with IEEE 802.3af power standards, and represents one of the best devices of its kind in terms of value for money.

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