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Use Freegate Proxy Tool To Bypass Firewalls And Enjoy Safe Web Browsing

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Browsing is prone with dangers of virus attacks, malicious software that pose threats of identity thefts. Some of the threats could be in the form of malicious websites, Trojan attacks, adware, malware etc. Especially for people who browse more, overlooking these attacks is certainly not a suggested option. As far as security and protection of your computer is concerned, there are many precautions you can take, one of them is making use of proxy tools.

The security of the Internet is enhanced using proxy tools. When you connect to the web, you are connected to different servers and requests are passed for information of your computer. The website server locates the IP address of your computer, and especially e-commerce websites log your IP and accordingly show up advertisements that match your browsing patterns. To maintain your privacy and security of the system, proxy applications keep the information of your computer hidden and allow anonymous browsing.

Proxy tools help in controlling the way in which we surf. Here are some benefits of using online proxy tools:

• An individual can make use of proxies to hide his IP address and thus protect the system from identity attacks. In other words, proxies act as buffers between your system and the web link. Malware attacks have been on the rise recently, and such proxy servers can be a suggested solution.

• It allows safe and secure web browsing. With the huge amount of information available on the web, probability of personal data getting traced and used illegally is higher. Proxy tools offer the alternative of brushing aside the cookies from website you have visited. This keeps the user secure from jeopardizing entire personal data online.

• There are a few websites that are blocked in certain countries. For instance, Chinese users make use of proxy servers to access social networking sites and Google search engine. If you feel a legal site access is protected by a filter, proxy tools can be employed.

• Proxy servers help in caching the websites, meaning storing in a memory, that saves bandwidth and decrease the time taken to load for a particular website. Freegate is a proxy tool that has been used by lots of people, especially when they travel to China. The application takes about 3MB space on your hard disk and has been rated as one of the best proxy tools by users. Here are some features of the software:

• Easy to use: The software can be downloaded absolutely free of cost. It is available in English and Chinese language as well. There is no need of installation or changing any browsing settings; all you have to do is launch the software, add the URL and continue browsing normally. In short, there is no hassle that you will be faced with. You can select your preferred language, forego the issues of installation, and have a pleasing browsing experience.

• High speed and connectivity: The proxy tool connects you to an anonymous server in about 2 to 5 seconds, unlike many other proxy tools available. So, in today’s world when we do not have the time to wait, this proxy tool can ensure that you get what you desire very fast.

• Simple user-friendly interface: The interface of Freegate software is very simple. It starts with a screen and four tabs with the options of graph of data usage and strength of connection to the servers, the second tab being status of connection and the option of disconnecting proxy; the next two tabs are for changing the settings of the program. In short, it wouldn’t take you very long to get acquainted with it and started making use of the same.

It is considered to be one of the most effective and easy proxy tools in the market. This proxy tool assures you of freedom in navigating to websites which otherwise would be restricted and assures 100% protection to your computer from identity threats. The application aims at giving users the freedom of using web services, especially in regions where there is restricted access to some quality websites. If you are not using this private proxy service, it is recommended you install this inexpensive tool and surf the web anonymously.

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