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4 ways to install multiple softwares for new PC

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Windows OS is the only operating system that you can install the software in the form of a soft part. It is very difficult if you would like to install multiple software. And the installation of each “software” will take a lot of time, especially with any one who is using multiple software for work.

In this article I introduce you 4 ways that help you to easy and quickly in install multiple software for your computer. 

# 1. Use the portable applications packages

Portable application helps you save time for installation and setup software. You can keep them in a cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or USB device. When you want to use them on a new computer, you just need to install cloud storage software or plug USB device into the computer and use without installing.

You also use the software synthesizer for mobile-working is packaged such as PortableAppsLupo PenSuite, CodySafe, and LiberKey



# 2. Create the custom recovery image in Windows 8

In Windows 8 you can create a recovery image which can help you protect the software installed on the Windows desktop when install new Windows 8 OS. Using Your PC Refresh feature, Windows will restore the system files and software installed on the desktop as they was before and save all important files, including Metro applications.

If you want to restore Windows 8 to the “stability” state as before, using the tool “RecImg”, read more here.

recovery image in Windows 8

# 3. Recovery from image files of Windows 7 Full System Backup

If you are using Windows 7, you can use the Full System Backup feature of Windows 7 to create a backup file for your entire system, and restore if necessary.

Full System Backup in Windows 7

Note: You can not use this backup image on another computer because of the difference hardwares.

# 4. Installl multiple softwares with Ninite

Ninite is useful tool for users who do not want to take much time to install the software. You simply select the needed software on the list, download and install Ninite installer, then all the work will be done Ninite automatically, including downloading and updating the new software versions. Try Ninite here.


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