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A Mobile Full of Monkeys

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Everyone loves monkeys, right? I mean, almost everyone. There was this one time that I really liked monkeys but a short trip to the zoo changed all that. For the longest time, I did not like monkeys. However, I have had a change of heart recently, thanks to being introduced to the lovable and adorable game, Monkey Boxing. That title led me to search out other mobile monkey games, and let me tell you there is a barrel full of them. So let’s see which ones are the best monkey mobile games to climb the ropes and snag our bananas right from our fingertips.

Quickly kicking its way to the top of the monkey heap is Monkey Kick Off. In Monkey Kick Off, players must get their monkey to safely kick a coconut back to the monkey village. The game has seen a new update from developer, which now includes a way to share your high score with your friends. The new update also brought out five new achievements for players to collect and new art. The game now includes in-game music, which should have been there from the beginning, but better late than never.

Jumping to the front of the pack is Spider Monkey Jump. This new lovable superhero of the jungle is tasked with saving his friends and gathering bananas, which is all in a day’s work for a spider monkey. Players will have to take big apes and slap them in the head to win the boss battles. The graphics are not that great and the game could use a little bit of polish on its presentation, but don’t let that stop you from helping spider monkey save the day. It is free on Google play and well worth the download.

Sliding its way to the top is Monkey Money Slots. This game is available on the Google play store for $2.49. This game is a casino slot game, much like the ones you would find in convenience stores or fine casinos wherever gambling is legal. Players will receive a set amount of tokens and pull the banana to let the slots roll. Monkeys, Alligators, and birds will scroll across the screen in the familiar slot machine way. Players hope to have the monkey scrolls stop in a certain pattern that will earn them more tokens. If the player runs out of tokens, it’s game over. This game is fun and addictive. It is also a lot cheaper than going to the real slot machines. It is developed by Pokie Magic and is well worth the download for anyone who loves monkeys and gambling.

Making an honorable mention on this list of top monkey games is Talking Monkey Boy. In this game, which is suitable for all ages, Monkey Boy will listen to what you say and repeat it back to you in a fun way. Players can also play with Monkey Boy, which is sure to keep any toddler busy. This reason alone is why Talking Monkey Boy found his way onto this list.

Not all monkey games are created the same. If you follow the ones on this list, rest easy knowing that you are enjoying some of the best monkeying around that can be found.

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