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Best Windows Games for your Smartphones

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It is not every time that you can call Microsoft an underdog. The company is surely one of the largest in the world and is the most renowned name in the world of personal computing. However, when it comes to mobile phone world, Microsoft is still striving to make a name of its own. After some brilliant attempts of entering in the Smartphone world, they have successfully carved a good niche with the Windows phone. Though the operating system is still not as amazing as Android or iOS, but still it has managed to receive some dedicate consumer base. Keeping the fans intact is a difficult task, but Microsoft knows how to keep their users happy. With a list of some great selection of games, Microsoft has provided users with a great entertainment features. Here are some of the favourite games for Windows Phone users.

1. Armed

A perfect mix of lasers, missiles, machine guns and force fields, the game is a futuristic war for sources. It seems like real-time sci-fi game based on action, offering the perfect online multiplayer entertainment for Windows users.  Learn about the tactical benefits served by the terrains through all 5 environments, master all the defensive and offensive arts and purchase wisely the upgraded units and special attack. It is a perfect polished package that offers perfect gaming for strategy fanatics. The game has been priced at $2.5

2. Doom and Density

If you have always loved the old school ROG in the Final Fantasy, then you will definitely fall in love with this intelligent imitation of the genre. It is a perfect RPG with turn based fight, adequate exploration, side quest, mysteries to reveal and amazing characters. The plot is exciting and funny and is full of references and ironic digs. It is a special game offering labour of love for the players. It is charmingly peculiar. The game has been priced at $2.5

3. Ragdoll Run

This running genre game is highly popular too. The simple reason behind it is that it is easy to play. The player has two controls- rotate and jump. You only have to swipe or tap over to pass the 3D hindrances with your small ragdoll character. There are many coins and upgrades awarded as your rev along and test your reflexes. The game is a lot of fun and looks good to play. You can spend $1 to get rid of the ads. It will also add some more characters to the game. The game is available for free.


Are you in search of something different and unique? This game is MMOG based game designed on the concept of real world maps. It is significantly a scientific theme war amongst three groups in 250 nations all over the world. The player needs to travel physically to get into the real action so, it’s a great option to play when you are out. And once you understand the system of the game, you can dip in the short bursts. If you still haven’t tried any game with a real world power, then this is a good start for you. The game is available for free.

5. Contre Jour

All you need to do is guide the main character of the game Petit, through a well-designed route of physics based riddles and puzzles. The visual are stunning. Check out the game as its serves as a bridge between the interface art and game. Contre Jour is a French word which means “against daylight”. The haunting sounds and murky atmosphere of the game enhances the experience of gaming. The game is a perfect mix of Cut the Rope and the Gothic Child of world of Goo. The game has been tagged at a price of $3

6. Carcassone

The addictive board game has paved its way to the world of Smartphones. It is a turn based game which allows you to draw tiles and put them on board. There are roads, fields, cities and several other tiles; you can easily score by siting your meeple on it. It is easy to play but very hard to master. It grows more complex as you play. The game has been tagged at a price of $3

7. Fling

The basic motto in Fling is to push the furball until you bump all or one of the displays. There are several modes to spice the game and thousands of amazing puzzle boards with 30 difficult levels that progressively upsurge the challenge. It is a game for all. It is a great addiction and once you get used to it, you might find it difficult to avoid it. The game has been tagged at a price of $3

8. Skulls of the Shogun

This is the primary title that Microsoft has chosen for Windows 8. It is a strategy based game with a tempting samurai next world setting. The motto of the game is to overthrow the conflicting general with your troop. Recognise the strength and weakness of your team and get cured by eating the skull of the defeated enemy. The cartoon style animation works amazingly well. The game is priced at $5

9. Sonic CD

If you still remember Sonic, the Hedgehog fighting with Dr. Eggman then you can relive that moment again. You can collect rings, check the platform madness and everything. There are leader boards and other achievements. Truly, it is the best game of the 90s era. The game is priced at $5

10. Angry Birds

Angry bird is undoubtedly the most famous game of the Smartphone world. It is an obvious choice for most gamers. It is funny, addictive and proves to be the biggest time pass of all times. Topple the fortifications of the pigs that have captured the stolen eggs of the bird. The original appeal of the game is same. The game is priced at $1.

Thus, these are the top 10 games that are highly recommendable for all windows Smartphone users.

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