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Chirp Application Revolutionizing The Sharing Experience!

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Chirp app is a unique app in the iOS operating system. Chirp app provides a startling sharing experience. It is a social networking app which allows sharing photos and videos connected with the song. Though it was first released last year but, this summer Chirp app has new version for the users. This new version has minimum bugs and maximum ability to share photos and videos. The Chirp app gives you the freedom of sharing photos, files, videos and audio messages to other chirp users.

Chirp app is just available for iOS operating system. It might be possible that Chirp app will be available for Androids soon. Chirp app, like many other applications is linked with Facebook login account. You can use chirp app after you login to your Facebook account. You can share your files with the chirp sound. It is a revolutionizing app that gives a great sharing experience. It is very simple to use and easily processed. It is great way to connect all iPhone users. Chirp app gives a distinctive to iOS Operating system. The developer of Chirp app Mr. Jeff Bullas says that it has almost eight fifty million users which transfer more than two hundred million photos and files every month. This shows the popularity of the app.

Chirp app is linked with the bird sound. That is why it has the name of a bird sound. It converts the file into sound and the send it to the other iPhone. Both iPhone users hear the chirp sound at the time of transfer. Chirp app is a fun to use app. it is very compatible too. It can be easily installed from the Google play. it is the most important app for you if you have an iPhone. Do not think of any other social networking app when you have Chirp in your iPhone.

Unlike other apps it allows you to transfer documents too. So, when you want to send your presentation to all the meeting members. Chirp app is the best choice for you. it supports the groups sharing. Chirp app can share videos too. Many users complain about the video transferring as it is not very quick. But the new version is specially focusing on the video sharing. You can share your baby’s first walk to your husband so, that he cannot miss the precious moment. You can share your graduation speech to all your friends and family members who live overseas. You can also send your marriage photo shoot and vows video to all friends of your facebook account. It will share your document and other things with your Facebook friends because it connects you to Facebook account.

Chirp app supports iTunes and you can download it through iTunes. Chirp app is a great easy to use app. the unique thing is the connectivity with the sound. It is a whole new sharing experience. It is just 3.6 MB heavy. So, it won’t take must space in your iPhone. It should be present in your iPhone.

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