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Free car racing games for Android devices

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Racing games are fun on the Android, but free racing games are better. The fact that they are free is a great weight off of the user’s mind. The truth is that people do not like to pay for racing games because they are the types of games that most people are likely to get bored of fairly quickly. Is it not really the fault of the game, as racing games in general have the highest rate of user-disinterest.

It was only when the Sony game developers started to develop more in-depth and multifaceted racing games for the first Playstation console that racing games became more than a quick fix throwaway version of light entertainment. Sadly however, Android games are not large enough to provide anything close to realism, and so are often used in a disposable manner. This is why it is better if they are free.

Real Racing 3

Electronic arts are the developers behind this little game. Which is partially reassuring because they are highly experienced with sporting games. They are also highly experienced at getting people to pay money for games that do not really do very much. Nevertheless, this game has very high quality graphics. It may actually be the best game on this list, and it is available in the Google Play store.

It is only 6.1mb, and is still free, even though its quality is really very good. It has 22 racing grids, including real-life grids where EA has secured the rights to show them on the game. It uses TSM technology for a better feeling game and multiplayer mode. It also features over 45 games on the app, including brands such as Porsche, Dodge, Lamborghini, Audi and Bugatti.

Drag Racing

This is a very good game because it is addictive, and addictive is what makes a racing game less disposable. The destruction derby games and Gran Turismo games were both very addictive (for very different reasons), and both spawns similar cloned games across numerous platforms and up through numerous console generations.

There are over fifty cars you can play with, including some cars that many car lovers are going to find thrilling. You can race alone or you can race against other people in the online match ups. It is 15mb, but that is mostly due to the amount of variety that it offers you.

Hill Climb Racing

This is a very fun and very additive racing game that allows you to keep increasing the challenge of the game. This makes it more appealing for people who relish a challenge, ergo making it more addictive. You have three different cars within which you may partake of six different hill climbing challenges.

Each hill is unique and each allows you to collect coins in order to upgrade your subsequent cars. The game will also reward you for doing tricks and stunts. The rewards are bonuses that allow your car to reach higher distances. The game has six hills and eight stages. Each stage has four levels; each which needs to be completed in full before the game is finished.

GT Racing: Motor Academy

GT racing is from the same GT developers that have created previous versions on other gaming devices. So, as you may expect, there is a very rich racing simulation game to be played. You have to first pass driving tests in order to unlock different races and different cards. Sadly, however, this game will not let you finish it in full. If you wish to do that, then you need to purchase credit packs and XP multipliers.

Within the game you will be able to purchase from 26 car brands. In total there are 111 cars that you are able to buy and drive. You can play against other drivers that you find on the Internet. Up to six people are able to join a game against you.

Raging Thunder

This is a game that you must play online if you wish to play in full, although you will need to download the app, which is just 3.4mb. The game has a very good game play dynamic which is pleasingly responsive. The graphics are all in 3D, which makes it a little more fun to view and play.

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