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Free Magican – Clean, optimize and protect Mac in all-around

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Magican is a sophisticated and easy to use system utility for OSX; it fulfills the following user needs: cleaning, optimizing, protecting and monitoring their Mac.

New features in version 1.4.8:

1. Enhanced detection in App Un-installation

2. Optimized memory usage of Magican

3. Enable displaying Fan speed in floating window even if Fan Control closed

4. Fixed network speed display bug in Firewall part

5. Other bugs fixed

What can Magican do exactly? Before answering that question, let’s think about this; what should we do when Mac overheated? How to find out duplicates files during the mess of files? How to speed up a painfully slow network?  Well then, let’s see what Magican can do for us:

Magican designs a floating window, and carries out several basic operations in. For instance, Magican floating window could monitor the network traffic, RAM usage and CPU usage make sure the system works well; then users could terminate unnecessary process when they occupied too much resource. The “Purge RAM” can help quickly convert the inactive memory into free memory. In addition, users can freely move the floating window to anywhere in the desktop and even move to the top menu bar. 

Free Magican for MAC

The Main window of Magican is composed by Clean, Security, Optimizer, Stats, Software, Toolbox and Hardware.

Free Magican main

Then Magican can help locating all of the junk and virus-infected files on Mac, and then “One-Click” helps to eliminate all of them. If your Mac has a virus-infected file, you can choose to delete it or place it in “Quarantine”. Of course, you may also still wish to know the real-time information on your Mac, so Magican can show it to you with pictorial symbols. All of the data is clearly displayed, like memory usage, temperature and battery information and even the fan speed could be adjust to cooling Mac. Moreover, “Software” helps users completely uninstall any software with the use of a “Remove” button. Besides the uninstall feature, it also helps users get discounted software from the App Store, and reminds you of any new app updates that are available. Users can also retrieve hardware information from the main window, which can be exported out as text or image files.

Learn more about Magican from the website:

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