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Mini and Micro HDMI Cables – How Are They Different?

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Technology was completely revolutionized as soon as the high definition videos came into existence. High Definition video cables made it all possible through their advanced and high-end technology. Since their invention, this technology of HD videos and related industry has never looked back. We have been seeing continuous enhancements in this technology. Recently the increased usage of smart phones and other handheld devices have further increased the requirement of HD videos that don’t only play smoothly but load fast as well.

Mini HDMI cable is the one that is responsible for connecting any device that has the ability to play HD videos to the HDMI jack, which in most cases, is the jack behind the TV set. Mini HDMI is a relatively smaller cable with a smaller jack which makes it a perfect choice to be used with mobile phones, portable MP3, and MP4 players and cameras.

2.5mm cableThe mini HDMI cable is also known as a type-c connector that makes people with mobile phones and cameras able to play and share their media on HDMI devices. Mini HDMI is only for the mobile and portable devices, which makes it very different from the micro HDMI cables that serve a completely different purpose.  Some people tend to confuse Mini HDMI cables with the Micro HDMI cables, and hence result in purchasing something that doesn’t serve their requirements.

All the top brands including, HP, Samsung, JVC, Toshiba, Sony and Canon are manufacturing both the micro and mini HDMI cables to serve their customers residing in both categories. This is also necessary because they want each and every device they have manufactured in past years to be able to share its media on HDMI devices.

The HDMI cables come in a variety of qualities; they are distinguished based on their thickness, material and external finish, whereas their plugs are mostly made of copper, due to its ability to conduct electricity. Still there are other types and quality of cables available in the market as well, therefore it is always recommended to do a proper research online to find out about all the possible options you can have before deciding which HDMI cable you should opt for and to find out which one will serve your needs better.

Mini HDMI cables have recently gained great popularity because of the heavy usage of digital cameras and smart phones. Users are now able to record an HD video on their mobile phone and then play that video on their TV and enjoy an ultra High Quality video without much hassle. Since camcorders, cameras and smart phones take very little power to run, the life of these HDMI cables is usually pretty long. 

It is highly recommended to understand whether you really need a Micro or a Mini HDMI cable, as in most cases, you would require just a Mini HDMI cable, keeping the heavy usage of digital cameras and smart phones in mind. There are tons of online websites selling these HDMI cables at affordable rates, so make sure to search online before touching the markets in your location.

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