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Top Offline Maps For Android Smartphones written

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The market currently is awash with top rated apps that provide offline navigation and maps for Smartphones that run on android; these apps don`t rely on the availability of 2G/3G/4G LTE, Wi-Fi or internet data to run. They only use the inbuilt GPS on your Android smartphone and enable users to navigate either 2D or 3D modes; all dependent on the country where you are based as 3D mapping is not available in all countries.

All one is expected to do is to download the offline maps data and have them stored in your phone; some of the top offline maps for android phones include the following;

The Sygic Aura Maps

Also known as Sygic GPS navigation. It offers very high quality TomTom maps and works with GPS only and thus doesn`t require the internet. Have numerous wonderful features like spoken street names that allow a driver to focus on driving, offers 3 alternative routes to choose from at any given time, navigation that is guided turn by turn and a speed limit display to help with speeding and complements this with a junction view to help one understand all the intersections.

Maverick Pro GPS Navigation

This app works comfortably without the internet. It comes highly recommended for most outdoor activities like boating, hiking and geocaching. When connected to the internet, it can use multiple online maps like OSM cycle, Bing, Multimap to mention just but a few.

MapsWithMe Pro (Offline Maps)

This is a powerful navigation app. Users are provided with a list of almost any locality in the world; they can download this maps when online and comfortably use them offline. This app has a very strong community of followers who are constantly providing updates with new areas and points of interest. The biggest advantage with this program though is it design; it is originally designed to work offline, its offline searching is thus quite accurate.

Navfree Free GPS Navigation

This is a free navigation app that offers on screen and spoken instructions, turn by turn directions and a detailed address search. The maps in use in this app are available for free at Navfree store. Once you download the data it stays in your device and thus no need for constant connection to the internet; users can browse their maps anytime, anywhere, anyhow; no roaming charges for those travelling abroad.

MapDroyd – offline maps

Using this app, users can easily explore maps that span the entire planet. Searching for addresses and new places is made easier and simple. Users are able to track their current locale on an inbuilt vector map that is quite scalable, can also pick from a whole range of map styles too. The images can also be viewed in either 2D or 3D modes.

Once you have downloaded the app in your smartphone it is important that you constantly keep on charging the battery of your phone. The use of GPS and navigation tools does drain your phones battery. Extended use of the app will also lead to some rise in the temperature of your phone; 3D maps are bound to consume more memory storage too. All said and done, these apps are a must have for all those who love travelling; be it international or local travels.

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