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What to look for in a marketing agency

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Whatever the size of your business, when you make the decision to outsource some of the functions it is always difficult. The chances are that a lot of research will have gone into making that choice, so the last thing you want to do is pick an agency which doesn’t suit your needs. If you want to avoid spending money on a service which doesn’t achieve your goals, then there are a few things to keep in mind as you do your homework.

Personal recommendations are worth considering

If you know someone who has had a good experience using a marketing agency then ask them for details as this will always tell you more than any literature the agency themselves will give you. There are some industries which are so specialised that you may not have a huge amount of choice, but if you do, then try to have a chat with some of their current clients to get a feel for whether they are the right fit for you.

Don’t be blinded by science

Talking to any specialist about their field of interest can leave you feeling as though everything has gone over your head, but if an agency can’t explain in easy-to-understand terms what it is they are doing then it pays to be wary. Unless they are undertaking particularly niche work for you, then you should be able to at least grasp the basic gist of anything that they are doing. Companies who seem vague about details or reluctant to share specifics might be exaggerating or misrepresenting themselves.

Outsourcing marketing services can help your business grow

Make them accountable

Marketing may be as much art as science, but being able to demonstrate how their activities impact on your profit margins should be a large part of how a marketing agency works. Investing in marketing services should yield tangible results, so if you aren’t seeing any difference in your sales figures then you need to question the validity of their approach. Of course, there are some marketing techniques which take time to take effect, but this should be made clear up front before you part with any money and there should be some estimate of when you should expect to see a difference in your figures.

Too good to be true

As with all things, any marketing agency which promises you unlikely sounding results could be promising more than they can deliver, so be wary of anyone whose claims seem excessive or vastly superior to the competition. When it comes to online marketing, the use of techniques which are frowned upon by the major search engines could actively have a negative impact on your site’s long-term profitability, so make sure any agency you engage is using legitimate methods to market your site. It’s also wise to ensure that you have a contract which sets out clear expectations including details of your budget, a specified level of reporting that you will be able to access and details of how you will deal with the eventuality where you are unhappy with the service provided. If you are still concerned about dealing with agencies, you are not alone and the Chartered Institute of Marketing offers specific courses to help you

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