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What You Should Know When Choosing A Laptop

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When shopping for a new laptop, it can be really confusing, especially with all the current bells and whistles that are out there today. Currently, there are hundreds of models available, in a lot of different sizes and weights, with tons of features. You can’t even go strictly by price, not with netbooks for 200, and laptops going for two grand, with no sacrifice in quality or technology. Hopefully, the tips we are going to share now will help you to make what might be the biggest decision you will make for some time to come: choosing your new laptop.

Which Operating System Do You Prefer?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to operating systems. In order to use a laptop effectively, you have to be comfortable using its operating system, especially if you want to have it interact with other devices you own. Mac or PC is no longer the only options out there, not with touch screens, TV emulators and tuners, and Blu-ray being the most popular choices, although not always available on Apple models.

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Budget Considerations

Money can be a crucial factor, one that will weigh heavily on the final decision. Netbooks are the cheapest laptops of all, averaging around two hundred dollars, usable for most pursuits, and small in size. However, they can be limited in memory size and compatibility, and are quickly getting squeezed out by tablets, especially those you can add a keyboard to.

Budget laptops, which will handle most popular tasks like web browsing and word processing, can be had for less than five hundred on most models. Keep in mind that, with the current technology, the thinner the model, the more you will pay for it. Also known as thin-and-lights, these laptops average between six hundred and a thousand, but come with better performance, more memory, and more compatibility with other devices. For another grand, you can get the monster series of laptops, big enough to replace desktops, with screens 17” or more.

Best Laptop - Razer Blade 14 - computex 2013

What Do You Need It To Do?

Lastly, you may want to consider exactly what you will be using the new laptop for. Do you want it to strictly game, watch movies, download music? If so, then you need a laptop a larger screen, a hard drive with 700GB or more, plus high definition display resolution, around 1920 x 1800 pixels. For movies, you may need to have Blu-ray, as well, HDMI ports and wireless TV streaming.

Want it for working on the road, as well as at home? Then your biggest concern should be how portable it is, so you will need screens of 13” or less to cut back on weight. The battery life should be a minimum of six hours, and have a mobile broadband card for access on the go. For graphics work, the requirements would then change to a bigger high definition screen, as much memory as possible, plus a dedicated video graphics interface. If you are willing to invest a goodly sum of cash into a new laptop, it should at least fit all of your needs.

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