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4 File Sharing Tools for Students

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Teachers have long been sharing useful documents, recommended readings and other types of files with their students, but these used to come in the form of messy, loose papers, stacks of books, CDs or DVDs. With an already bulging backpack due to the demands put on today’s students, adding more stuff to the already heavy load is no longer an option. Instead, both students and teachers are turning to a more effective way to share files through cloud storage. By storing files in the cloud, both teachers and students can control access to files to ensure privacy, security and accessibility. Here are the top four file sharing tools for students.



Evernote is a robust solution, even with a free account. It’s a terrific tool for students because the notebooks feature allows you to set up different notebooks for each subject. There, you can collect your research, keep your class notes organized, work on your projects, keep track of your grades and so much more. Because everything can be tagged and searched, you won’t have to leaf through three ring binders or folders stuffed to the brim anymore. Just put in your search terms and you’ll have the appropriate document or file in seconds. It couldn’t be easier! Get Evernote for Android free here.



Dropbox can also be used to manage student files. Students who frequently collaborate with others should take advantage of this great file sharing tool. For example, students who tutor, volunteer or participate in extracurricular activities can use Dropbox to save and share files. Use the invite tool to invite other students to collaborate. This allows everyone the flexibility to work on the project when time allows rather than having to schedule frequent meetings, which may inconvenience some participants. Get Dropbox for Android free here.


SugarSync screenshot

SugarSync does double duty. It backs up all of the files on your computer – or at least the ones you designate for backup – and stores them in the cloud. They don’t have to just sit there, though. It’s easy to share files with anyone you like via email or social media. Share links or authorize access to certain users. This program supports file and folder sharing. Permissions can be customized to allow collaboration or to prevent unauthorized file editing. Get SugarSync for Android here.



ShareFile by Citrix is another excellent tool for students to use. You can share large files quickly and securely using this service. Files up to 10 gigabytes can be shared, so there’s never a worry about a file being too large for ShareFile. Students who are in programs that are heavy on media such as photography or graphic design majors can best benefit from this service.

All in all, you have four excellent options for sharing files as a student. With all the information available to students today, it’s important to have reliable, secure ways to store, manage and share that information. These tools will give you all that and more, and most have mobile phone apps to make access to files and file sharing available anytime, anywhere.

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