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Discover Suitable Technique for EDB to Outlook PST Conversion

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EDB files are fixed repositories for MS Exchange Server. Entire data from user mailboxes is stored in priv.edb and public folders are saved in Pub.edb. Administrators usually prefer to keep the server up to date with latest version of Exchange dependent services and hardware devices. Just in this practice, the EDB files are dismounted and move from one location to another. The most suitable process is to convert EDB to Outlook PST file format and transfer all business crucial information in PST format.

For saving mailboxes from Exchange server to Outlook, there is an inbuilt mechanism named Power shell scripts. These scripts are executed with valid parameters for converting EDB to Outlook format. The common syntax is:

Export-Mailbox -Identity -File Pathname.pst (2007 server)

New-MailboxExportRequest -Identity -File Pathname.pst (2010/2013 server)

Going from Complex to Easier Process with the Help of Alternatives

However, every IT professional may not be comfortable with the command based scripting language. Therefore, certain help is provided by multiple desktop applications like EDB Converter, Exchange recovery and many others.

In all respects it’s necessary to understand the entire work architecture i.e. used for exporting all Exchange mailboxes from EDB file to Outlook PST file format. Here in coming section, a process overview for EDB Converter application is elucidated, that explains the how scanning, recovery and conversion is done from any offline EDB file.

First of All, Need to Download EDB Converter (search in google) then read the step-wise guidance to convert EDB into Outlook PST files.

Step 1: Go to Start >> Programs >> Click EDB Converter >> EDB Converter. Click on Open button to load EDB file.

EDB Converter
Step 2: Click on Browse button, select the EDB file and Click on Open button.

Step 3: Select the storage type of EDB file (priv.edb or pub.edb). For highly corrupted EDB file, use Deep scan option. Click on Ok button.

Select the Exchange Mailboxes
Step 4: Scanning and recovery process begins.

Step 5: After complete recovery click on Ok button.

Step 6: All mailboxes of EDB file are displayed. Select the Exchange Mailboxes and click on the save button (to save EDB to Outlook PST file).

Select the storage type of EDB file

Step 7: Provide the location to save the output PST file.

Step 8: The Exchange Mailbox Export process begins. In between, if desired then mailboxes can be skipped.

Step 9: As the process ends, click on Ok button.

The Exchange Mailbox Export

Step 10: New PST files are created, go to the saving location to get the Outlook PST files.

Conclusion: Depending on the Exchange server condition whether database is mounted or unable to mount, the right approach should be selected. For offline or old Exchange EDB files then outside resources will be better. For live Exchange server mounted with database, Power shell scripts will be better.

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