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How your domain name and web hosting affects your online business

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An online business is affected substantially by a domain name and web hosting, due to a consumer’s interests, availability, and reliability. Thus, the importance of choosing a good web host is increased, as well as finding a domain name that is unique, and memorable, yet in accordance with the product the business sells.

The two aspects of domain names and web hosting are TLD (Top Level Domains) and SLD (Second Level Domains). TLD, being the part that connects your website to the internet (.com being the most common example) is a necessary aspect in your website being accessed. Because of its importance, the TLD must be in accordance with your business. While some TLDs are restricted, such as ‘.gov’ for government websites, and ‘.museum’ for museums, there are dozens of TLDs that are suitable for your business. Depending on its type, your business could have the possible TLDs of:


The most important aspect of choosing a TLD is for it to relate to your business, and its accessibility in the countries your product caters to. Although it may seem that your first choice must be ‘.com’ due to its popularity, the TLDs listed above can be beneficial to your website in ways such as availability for a wider range of website names.

Other than this, a growing number of country code based TLDs are now available. Often not considered, these are valuable for online companies and businesses that only cater to a certain area. By choosing a domain that is specific to a country, it can increase user popularity in the area, as well as give easy acces of information to those looking for it at a quick glance.

After your domain name has been considered, SLD holds importance. The Second Level Domain is how your business is remembered and is vital to your brand. SLDs are limitless, assuming that they are not already in use, and/or are not already considered a trademarked brand. Although the options are endless, when choosing your SLD, consider the following:

1. Incorporate key words of your business into the title 2. Make it short, yet memorable 3. Beware of spelling mistakes

forever21.bizThese three aspects are considered important when it comes to popularity of your website amongst users. Your website should be one that can be frequented often, and without the three aspects mentioned above, it may become difficult to access your website.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is whether the domain name is one that is used often. If a company’s name is very common, it may already be used under a different TLD. For example, if a business’ name is Qadir and Son’s Tea, the chances of different companies around the world with the same or similar names, could be endless. An example can be seen on the right, where the urls ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’ led to different pages completely.

To make sure that consumers don’t end up on a different website, the website’s domain should incorporate key words that are revelant to the business. This could make sure that instead of someone ending up on (a brand completely different than that of the company!) they end up on, which is the brand being promoted.

When it comes an online business, TLDs and SLDs are vital to the performance, and the attention it garners. Spending time researching domain names as well as urls for a bsuiness is the only way it can prosper.

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