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The iPad was massively underwhelmed on release three years ago; it was branded as a big yawn and that Jobs was only going to sell a few million units per year at best. It was being compared to the Mac, instead of the highly successful iPod and iPhone. It certainly wasn’t thought of as the company’s next big growth story.

However, it ended up being a revolutionary device that has changed the technology sector drastically.

Right from the initial launch, the iPad blew up in terms of its popularity, and it has sold a total of 121 million units up until Q1 of 2013, which means total sales have reached approximately £43.45 billion – a truly record breaking amount. This makes it the fastest growing consumer technology product ever, eventually taking over netbooks and now being on track to take over notebooks. Along with these astonishing facts, the iPad’s revenue is beating the Windows OS revenue, showing just how popular it really is – it’s beating the almighty Microsoft.


Other companies have seen the success of the iPad and have tried to emulate it, which has helped to create a new sector within technology – tablet computing. Microsoft brought out the Surface, Google brought out the Nexus tablet, Amazon created the Kindle and Samsung has the Galaxy tablet. Recently, Microsoft has bought Nokia for £4.6 million in an attempt to edge out Apple and it’s iPhone and iPad in the tablet market. £3.2 million of that will pay for the Nokia unit that makes mobile phones, and the remaining £1.4 million will be spent on Nokia’s patents.

Apple has constantly been at the forefront of revolutionary technology. The company started off revolutionising the laptop with the Apple Mac. Then the American company started to take over the music industry with the iPod. I feel the iPod was Apple’s perfect product; it set the company above Microsoft in the early days, and it took off in terms of sales and made a name for Apple. It essentially made them the kings of mobile music.

Due to this, many traditional music stores have come into hardship as Apple has digitised the music industry. After it took over the music industry, Apple turned to the smartphone industry and are now competing with Android, which includes a multitude of phone manufacturers, such as HTC, Samsung and now Microsoft. It’s unbelievable that this one phone, the iPhone, is competing against such a range of companies and is still keeping up to par.


Next came the iPad, which created a new technology sector, tablet computing. It has completely revolutionised that industry by being the flagship product and market leader. At the announcement of the iPad, Steve Jobs bashed netbooks and the fact that the world needs something in the middle of phone and laptop. Then, he said: “We think we’ve got something that is. We’d like to show it to you today for the first time. And we call it…the iPad.”

The iPad created a new category of computer; bad news for Intel and Microsoft whose profits have been falling ever since. Analysts agree that sales of tablets will outnumber sales of laptops within one or two years. As a result of this, Apple could remain the biggest single manufacturer of tablet computers, which will take away more profits from Intel and Windows. This is due to tablets running ARM/Apple processors and Apple’s OS, instead of Intel processors and the Windows OS. The whole personal computing, formerly PC, landscape is gradually changing.

What do you think of the changes the iPad has made to the industry?

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